Thursday, March 12, 2020

Nashville Tornado, when an hour is fast & love all my church family {Thankful Thursday #263}

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This week I am Thankful for:

Late Walgreens Run
So my poor little blind guy... Ernie loves taking care of him - which is so funny because when Bruno could see, he didnt like any other dog coming near him. With him not seeing, he doesnt mind. He probably thinks its me licking his face.  Anyways, Ernie was intent on cleaning his eyes - which I always stop him because EWWW.... & when I was yelling at Ernie away, he got up & I noticed he had loosened a piece of gunk around his eyes (ewww again) ... so I go to pull it off.  Well, I look & there was a cut by his eye. Dont know if Ernie's tooth maybe got in it, or if his skin is so thin it just tears easily now? Anyways, it started bleeding.  & the more I tried to stop the bleeding, the more it seems to open more.  I had to wake up Ricky & he got into ER DAD mode & ended up driving 30 minutes to get some gauze & bandages so we could clean it up & make sure it was OK.  ... We bandaged his face up & I think he liked it. He slept so good & didnt move all night long. Like his own little weighted blanket.

Nashville Gang OK
So thankful in the mess of all those Nashville tornado's - our gang was safe.  Actually, Julie didnt even know what had happened! I had gotten in touch with her super early to see if everyone was alright & she was like, WHAT? ... she was in Florida & woke up to messages from so many people asking if they were OK.  She got in touch with her husband to make sure they were safe - they were - & then to see how close it was to them, that was a little scary.  Praying for all the people devastated by this tornado.

Lunch with Church Family
My awesome friends & church family came down to take me to lunch so we could just share some things & get caught up on life. It was a nice little break in my week.

New Youth Podcast
Dont know how I came across it, but found a new podcast called Rethinking Youth Ministry that I've really been enjoying & getting some insight from. There really is a podcast for everything.

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Fast Hematologist appointment
I always dread the appointments I have with this doctor because they are FOREVERRRRRR long.  Like in the 2, closer to 3 hours long.  So I was shocked when I was in & out in about an hour this last time. Is this the golden hour? Right before lunch? i'll try it for the next appointment too to test out the theory. People want to get out for lunch - so there's motivation to get moving.

(Side note - all my results came back tanked again... hemoglobin, Vitamin B12, Ferritin is back down to the very bottom, & then they called & said my Vitamin D is nearly non-existent... so as usual, I'm running on fumes.  Supposed to start infusions again this Saturday - which I'm dreading like the plague.... but what can ya do)

Ladies Tea
Loved being invited to my Heart-church's women's ministry tea & getting to see some of my friends & just enjoying a great message from an incredibly talented woman who has the gift of words.

Gift Card
Got my 2021 planner & it didnt cost me a thing in thanks to my Christmas present that Ricky got me.  Love me some gift cards.

Windows Down
It was warm enough on Sunday to drive with the windows down... always love fresh air hitting me in the face.

Tell me something good about your week!

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