Thursday, March 05, 2020

We finished, got here in time & I'll take that increase please & thank you! {Thankful Thursday #262}

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This week I am Thankful For:

New Blogging Friendship
I have just always valued my blogging friendships - THROUGH THE YEARS. There's a few bloggers that have been my buddy for double-digit years. That's crazy - especially in a world where so many bloggers pop up & then disappear so quickly.  So when I have recently connected with a new blogger - Patti - we have instantly just clicked & I just love her sweet Jesus loving heart & her caring for her family & just everything about her. So when I got a card in the mail from her recently, it just made me smile. Always love a blogging friendship that carries into the real world a little bit.  Go check Patti out - you'll love her too!

Cup in time
We were in a frenzy when a coworker came up with a perfect gift to add to our basket of goodies for our manager who was retiring. The probably was - no one could get it done in time.  Lo & Behold - I put it out on Facebook & got a few reponses on who could make these pretty glittery cups.  My friend Stephanie jumped to the plate & GOT 'ER DONE! I know she worked hard on getting it done & in the mail to me - with a day to spare!!! SO grateful for her.
Check her out right here & her Facebook page is here
... I cant believe I didnt get a picture of it before we gave it to her - I was just excited to get it to work to add to the basket. Dang it.

Health Insurance Rates
For those that have been around me for awhile, you'll remember my nightmare with health insurance & having to be self insured.  I cringed every year & had to recalculate how to live with the new increase. Now with my job, my insurance is fantastic & I was thrilled when my plan only raised $21.00 a month this year. I'LL TAKE IT. Especially because my vision DROPPED.  Thank you Lord for my work & all the benefits!!!

Goodbye Lunch
Our new Manager had lunch brought in so we could give our outgoing Manager her basket & just get to spend some time reminiscing together with her.  She's been here 15 years & it'll feel funny to have her gone now. But we're all excited for her to enjoy life with her husband & grandkiddos.

Bible Study Complete
I always feel accomplished when we finish a bible study.  It feels like a job well done - & I've enjoyed just getting to do this with a great group of women that I just value every single one of them & what they bring to the table.

I mentioned this Monday - but so glad its ordered & on its way to getting created.

Framily Preaching
My heart is still smiling from our buddy Ryan's preaching this past Sunday.  Just seeing him up there & his message was so relevant.  Plus, getting to see old GCC family & seeing our grandbuddies - all extra bonuses on a great Sunday.

Tell me something good about your week!

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