Thursday, July 02, 2020

Curb sides, mugs & give me all the clearance fun! {Thankful Thursday #266}

Knit By God's Hand: Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits ...

This week I am Thankful for:

Being home
I've felt so YUCK lately - dont know if my iron has bottomed out again (I go back to the doc in a few weeks) but I'm just glad I've been at home where I can take it a little easy - & take naps during my lunch hour. The dogs love it too.

Clearance Fun
So I found this little selfie light on clearance as I ran in Target one day - like $2.50. I'll buy a cute  that.  It actually works really well - I'm impressed.  It charges up with USB port too & looks really cute with a snakeskin leather-like cover.  I love little clearance finds.

Bottom right is without it on & the other 3 are different settings with it on.

Assembly Line
Masking so many masks lately, I found a good way to keep it moving - I've learned to cut fabric out in bulk pieces at a time - so now, I can basically just cut my elastic & pick out which materials I need & its so fast.  Experience is a teacher.

For some reason, i'm finally getting approved for books that I've been requesting.  I'm always used to the reject on them but I got 2 lately that I was really hoping for.

New Mug
It is NO secret how much I love The Daily Grace Co. & their campfire mugs.... so tell me how shocked I was when I pulled one of my new mugs out of the dishwasher & saw the lettering was gone!!!  I'm pretty aware of things I cant put in the dishwasher & need to hand wash - & I put in all my other mugs in the dishwasher....

.... so I emailed them & told them & saw they had taken that mug off the market. They must have had other issues with it.  But they sent me this gorgeous baby in placement of it... its so beautiful. & I did read - this is a HANDWASH ONLY one since its stone.  Noted.

Give Me Jesus Ivory Mug

Joann's curbside pick up
While I do love to go inside & look at the fabric - their curbside pick up has saved me some time by ordering things I need & dont feel like roaming the store for (needles, bobbins, threads)... even needed more material that I was running low on & click - pick up the next day. It's been helpful.

Brother's surgery
Just so glad its over & behind him. He's having some pains & normal healing issues - but at least its all in the right direction.

My work family
When I left my job after 25 years, I was anxious of leaving the people that I knew so well & enjoyed working with. You never know how you're going to get along with new people in a work environment.  So I feel especially lucky that the people I work with are all such great people. They really are the ones who make me laugh in a day, can relate with in the struggles & help me when there's problems. I am honestly so grateful for each one of them every single day.

Tell me something good in your week

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