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1. The Hodgepodge lands this year on National Secret Keeping Day...on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being I'm a blabbermouth and 10 being I'm a vault) how good are you at keeping secrets?

I'm very good at keeping secrets.  It something I count as a good quality about myself.   I'll give myself a 8 just because I do have to share with the Hubs most times - but he's a straight up 10.  He wont tell me something if he gave his word he wouldn't.  Aggravates me too.  I always try to throw the argument "our vows top any secret of anyone elses"... but then by the time we're done arguing these points, I dont even care anymore. HAHA

I read here nine jobs for people who can keep a secret-cybersecurity worker, executive assistant, housekeeper, lawyer, nuclear plant technician, physician, private investigator, psychologist, security guard  Of the jobs listed, which one most interests you and why?

I've always thought about being a psychologist.  Actually even thought about going back to school for that. A therapist. I think I'd really enjoy doing it & would be pretty good at it. I'm a good listener as well as keeping those secrets.

Ryan Riback - Tell me whyyy! 😫 . . . . #memes #funny #lol ...
This cracked me up

2. What's the secret of life (or one of them anyway)?

I'll go with LOVE. 

May sound corny - but if you just love others, how much happier would your life be?  I think its our purpose too.  Why we're created.  To help others, care for others, love others.  Can you imagine how much better EVERYONE's life would be if that's the way we all lived?

3. Off the record, best-kept secret, a fly on the wall, top secret, my lips are sealed, secret shopper, as quiet as a mouse, poker face, spill the beans, open secret, bite your tongue...which secret idiom can you best relate to right now? Explain.

In today's world & the offend-able climate that is raging... I'm going to go with "Bite your tongue".  Everyone has an opinion, & everyone loves to share that opinion ... (says the girl who has a blog & states their opinion all the time).... but lately, its like everyone's opinion is so HOT HEADED.  So I think we can all bite our tongues just a little bit & take a breath. Relax. Keep that comment to yourself, even if you want so badly to say something back. 

Biting my tongue!!! | Funny quotes, Haha funny, Words


4. Spill here the secret ingredient in one of your favorite recipes?

Cocoa Powder.
It may not be that secret - but it cracks me up that's an ingredient in my chili I make.

5. My mama celebrates a big birthday tomorrow. Share a favorite quote, song lyric, saying, or verse of scripture that will add some sunshine to her day (ours too!)

25 Lovely Happy Birthday Quotes That Make You Day - Picss Mine

6.  Insert your own random thought here

Does the heat bother anyone's dogs too? Its been HORRIBLE outside - like in the 90's all week & it actually feels like its in the 100's. My dogs have been just lazy & Ernie is not acting like himself. I dont know if its the heat getting to him or what - because you pull out a ball & he peps up.  It's time for shots & vet visits anyways so I'll get them checked out soon.  I just hate when they dont act like themselves. I need technology to invent something that tells us what they're thinking & feeling. is that too much to ask?

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