Monday, July 20, 2020

The weekend where summer is here with a vengeance....

OH MY GOODNESS.... was it stifling where you live?  Because it was pretty close to miserable here this weekend. Summer is like, DID YOU  MISS ME?  What a hot one.  All that means is most of my weekend was me trying to do anything & everything to stay around AC as much as possible.

Friday, I got off work & had to make a bank run for work.  I also had to pick up my mom's groceries so I started off my weekend on the go.  The Hubs had to be somewhere at 5:30 so I got mom's groceries into her house & ended up doing the horses for the night.

I love my time in there - especially with Baby.  If you ever want to see the sweetest horse in the world, you need to come over.  She'll be happy you do too. She just wants hugs & kissees.  & when you stop? She'll follow you around & when you stop walking, she leans against you until you start hugging & kissing again.  THE SWEETEST!!!!

Look at my face & the sweat... hauling a ton of poop in 95 degree weather is harsh

I always hate leaving her.

I got home in time to do a video call with my cousin  from  Ricky's side.  Jen has always been one of my favorite people in FRONT of my camera... but now, she's the one BEHIND the camera starting her own photography business.  We got talking about all things wedding photography.  I had told her it would be a lot to discuss & when we were on for nearly 2 hours, I guess I wasn't exaggerating.  Plus, I just love talking to her.  Add in the talk of wedding photography & I can REALLY talk.  Plus, we both married Vincent men... we can laugh together & talk just on that topic alone.  Needless to say, it was a fun way to spend a virtual night with a friend.

Saturday, I had to make a early run for my mom & was up & out of the door before 8am.  If I'm gonna run out early, I'm gonna stop for some iced coffee - yum!

& of course, I had to go down & love on Baby some more.

The Hubs & I had a lot of plans to do on Saturday... but honestly, the heat was just zapping us of wanting to do anything.  So I just sewed up some more masks & pulled out some new Colorstreet Nails & felt fancy again....

We had to run back over & feed the horses for the night - which I was like, if I mess up my nails after I just did them.  But here's a Colorstreet testimony - even digging in horse feed & hay & shoveling poop - nails looks great after.   I want to see someone else give that testimony.

Then we just headed down to Target to pick up a few things we needed & got some take out to bring home.

I spent the rest of my Saturday getting so wrapped up in Indian Matchmaker.  Anyone else watch this? I HAVE  SO MANY QUESTIONS!!! & so many thoughts.  Some of these people, I was rooting for so much (Yvasar is just the BEST)... some I just was screaming at the TV about (Apara... guurrrlllll... you are NOT what the sun revolves around) .... some I just sat with my mouth open on seeing what happens when momma's boys dont know how to do real life (good luck with that one Akshay)... someone, PLEASE talk to me about this. I've been on Twitter trying  to see if anyone agrees with me on some of these couples.

Will Netflix's Indian Matchmaking return for season 2? Creator ...

Sunday, I got up & made a big breakfast - just solely to try some new Peach Infused Honey I got in the mail the day before. YUMM!!! SO good!

I also needed - NEEDED - to get outside & read. I just am most at home reading outside.  I dont know what it is. I can sit in the comfort of my home & sit in the recliner, or get on the couch, or lay in bed to read - but it just isnt as good to me as sitting outside.  So I went out to sit on the back porch before it got to the point where you couldnt inhale the sticky air. I also knew I had about 7 chapters left in my book to read so I was determined to sweat it out & finish it.

Look at Harvey's side eye!!!! LOLLLL!!!!!!

It was Dream Big by Bob Goff which I see a lot of people reading.  I'm going to tell you, I'm not on the ITS FANTASTIC train like everyone else. Meh. I've already got my review up for our next Show Us Your Books post.  I had some things that really put me off on this one... but books are just like life - everyone has an opinion

& then it was time for church online....

After church was done, I looked out the window.

The Hubs had seen a tree limb that looked like it was hanging & broken - probably from the storms from the week before.  He said he had to go trim it off.... what I saw, I nearly screamed.

Do you see all that laying on the ground?

Here... let me show you a closer view...

This is not a limb that was hanging.

The Hubs knows I am a tree hugger. I have literally cried REAL tears  to see trees get torn down.  Something about destroying nature hurts my heart.  He told me these limbs were getting close to the roof on the garage... which led to a discussion that this was convenient for him to make this tree chopping decision when I'm not paying attention & we've never once pointed out anything like "Oh, look at that near the garage".  I call foul play on this.

I'll bank this in  my back pocket when I'm mad at him  & I need to throw something at him.
"well... remember the time you snuck behind my back to KILL part of our tree? - you... you.... TREE BRANCH MURDERER!!!!'

... yes, I get very dramatic about our trees...

Ricky  needed to cool down after being the tree destroyer that he is... & I got caught up in some Planner videos on YouTube & the dogs were just bummed that it was too hot to do anything too.

We then loaded up & headed over to see my mother in law to wish her a Happy Birthday.  Her birthday was Friday - so we picked up a cake & asked what she wanted to eat & we picked up some lunch to take to her.

It was good to see her because the last time, we stayed across the fence & didnt want to get close to her with COVID.  We did go inside, but we made sure to eat lunch with her across the table away from her & The Hubs even put his mask back on talking to her in the house.  Just because they're family doesnt mean COVID cant spread.

The rest of Sunday was just usual adulting things.

... & we're back to Monday. I'm hating this week for The Hubs & everyone that has to work outside in this heat.  They have to wear masks too in the heat - so sorry everyone - no excuses for people that say "its uncomfortable" ... if people can wear them outside in 100 degree heat, you can wear one in the grocery.

So how was your weekend?

Are you getting this horrible heat wave too?

Have you watched Indian Matchmaking (PLEASE SOMEONE PLEASE)

Do you love Onion rings?  Fried Cauliflower & Mushrooms? 
(my go-to's for Moby Dick?

Tell me something good about your weekend!

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