Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thankful Thursday #274

Knit By God's Hand: Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits ...

Bible Study
I love me some Lysa TerKeurst - & I am so excited to pick this up & jump into it. I bought it so long ago & didnt get to it - but man, its really just speaking to me with the season I'm in.  I have had so many nights where I do the study & then go tell Ricky, " Can I tell you about what I just read" - & we get in some good talks about what the Bible stays about certain things. I'm just really taking this one in.

IT Fix
I had the biggest panic working from home last week when my check scanner wasn't working.  First, I need to be grateful I made it to the bank in time.... it closes at 4 & I made it there at 3:57pm  - Talk about a big exhale. But the bigger problem was that I didnt have to rush again.  I had to call the bank & do a lot of installing & reading & figuring things out... after working late & then logging in early - I FIGURED IT OUT. I honestly havent feel that accomplished in such a long time.

Snail Mail
Nope... never tire of sweet words from friends.  & this card.... I opened it & instantly said, "My dad would love this one"  - doesnt it even look like Cochese?

I love when memories pop up on Timehop, or Google Photos or on Facebook. One of the pics of a Prom pic I had posted years ago came back up &I had to share it.  Another high school friend ended up commenting & telling me she had the picture of her & her friend wearing the same dress as me & my friend.  I do remember 2 other girls wearing the same dress as me but I didnt remember the combo of friends dresses.  She posted this picture & there we are!!! SO FUN.. & crazy that I dont even remember taking this picture - thats what you get when prom is 30 years ago.  But how fun are memories - & in a world where others can share them so easily too. I love she still had this picture. I've saved it to remember the good ole days of being young.

Work Notes
I get my mail sent out to me every day - so when I pulled out my mail one day & saw this little note from a coworker, it just gave me the biggest smile. I have some of the best people that I work with.  Truly!!!

Got enough water
I always hate having to do pelvic ultrasounds where you have to drink all the water & not go to the bathroom - & then let them PUSH on your belly - not fun.  But I have done it before & gotten back in the room & them being like 'NOPE - you dont have enough water in your bladder - go out & drink more"... so I took my water in the place to make sure I drank until they called me back.... & then realized, I cant drink with my mask on. HAHA - the new way of life.  They even saw me with it & said, "you cant take your mask down". I had to confess I'm a dork & didnt think about it & wouldnt take my mask down in the public area.  ... all that to say, i was good anyways - a big ole full bladder ready for the test.

Late Hours
I'll also add onto that last one & say how Grateful that this facility - Priority Radiology - they have late hours & that's just a life saver. I didnt have to be there till 5:45pm on a Friday night! & they  have Saturday hours I've used before. More medical places need to do this.

Mask Wearers!
Yep -once again - a big thank you to everyone who takes it seriously & complies.  We gotta work together people! We just have to.

It's Necessary: Do you refuse to wear a seat belt?

Tell me something good about your week!

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