Thursday, July 30, 2020

Thankful Thursday #276

Knit By God's Hand: Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits ...

This week I am Thankful for:

Baby Shower
One of my adorable HSM sisters is pregnant with her first baby.  Some of the other leaders hosted a baby shower for her & we all got to join in via ZOOM.  What a crazy time.  We ordered gifts & sent to her home & the hostesses got the gifts & wrapped them all & then we all got to log in & even played games on ZOOM & got to see all the fun goodies that this loved baby got to receive.  If you can't see people in person, you can still love on them from afar & I'm glad to be able to love on my friend Emily & little baby Lincoln.

I talked about this on Monday - but still  loving seeing the flowers outside my window - the reminders of my daddy!

I love my new shirt that makes me smile in thinking of my dad & just that my friend saw it & immediately thought of me.  So much love wrapped up in one shirt.

I had another dream of my dad this past week.  I honestly woke  up laughing from laughing with him in my dream.  It was again one of those that felt like he was really near.  Have you ever woke up laughing from your dream? its the best feeling. I was making fun of his clothes - he was wearing things he would NEVER wear ... but he was laughing too.  It was really like a visit. It makes me feel so near when he shows up in my dreams.  & its funny how the dreams always are consistent.  Like the conversations we have had get pulled into the next dream.  It gives me comfort in feeling like I really did see him.  Call me crazy - I'm fine with that.

Tennis game
I have missed seeing my niece play some tennis & was so glad to see her in a tournament & work her racket magic.

Texas Roadhouse To-Go
There has only been like 2 things I've missed eating out & getting.  One is Texas Roadhouse's side salad. They really are the best. I blame the croutons.  We havent ate it since March & I went ahead & ordered to go. I was so happy to see how they're handling their to-go orders. You text them when you get there & they let you know when your order is ready to come in & get it.  I appreciate that so much.  .... I can pretty much bet I'm not going in a place to eat for the rest of 2020. I'm not comfortable with it & dont see it getting better for awhile.... so I'm super grateful for places that make it feel safe for people like me.

Mask Wearers
They made it mandatory in Indiana now for masks.  Our county actually had it mandated a few days before the whole state.  So now, Kentucky AND Indiana are both mask mandated states. & of COURSE there are still people that refuse..... I can't y'all... these people exhaust me.  So if you are doing what is asked of  you for the health of others, I am GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!!!

Heart Love GIF by Jef Caine

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