Thursday, July 23, 2020

Straight as an arrow, how sweet & i'll take soggy nachos for the win {Thankful Thursday #275}

Knit By God's Hand: Lots of surviving.... packing, ER visits ...

This week I am Thankful for:

YAHOO - thanks for everyone that reached out & asked about Julie & her COVID experience - & most importantly - anyone that prayed for her.  She got her NEGATIVE result in the other day so that's such a relief.  She said she hopes she has all the antibodies now to keep her good & clear for awhile now.

My Sweetie with the sweets
The Hubs ran by the Pie Kitchen the other day on his way home from work & picked up some slices of different cakes for us to eat.  That was a fun surprise.  He brought home a chocolate cake - & I'm not a huge fan of chocolate cake. Give me all the other chocolate stuff - but chocolate cake? Meh... but this baby was DELICIOUS.  It had a white creamy icing on it.  Totally didnt need it - totally enjoyed it.

Since we're talking about food - I'm super grateful for some Nachos we had the other day.  I always order some Nachos at Tumbleweed when I go there (minus the meat & sour cream) - & this is probably one of the things I've missed lately.  I'm still not a even thinking of going in & eating in a restaurant & didnt know how these would work  driving all the way back home. Soggy nachos - doesnt sound too yummy.  Figured it was worth a try... & while they did get a little soggy - it wasn't anything my fork couldnt handle & they were so good. Dont know if it was because I missed them so much, if it was something different, or if they were just really that good.

Hair Straightened
The last time I went & got my hair done, the mandate was the stylists couldn't use hair dryers - so I didnt get to get my hair nice & slick & smooth.  This go around - I got the whole she-bang works & my hair was so grateful.  I honestly dont know how they get it to look this smooth & straight. I use a straightner & do the same thing with small sections - NOPE - still a frizz head.  Magicians I tell you - straight up wizardy magicians - what hair stylists really are.  House of Ravenclaw - all of them

Seeing MIL
I'm glad we got to spend a little time with my mother in law & celebrate her over the weekend.  Just good to sit down & see someone else's face besides The Hubs :)

My Church
I am so grateful for my church family & being able to talk through some concerns I had about going back to HSM with this crazy virus spiking up.  I'm glad to see our church taking measures when it comes to the youth ministry.  We all know teenagers feel invincible & have no fear of this virus ... & yes, we know they'll more than likely be totally fine - but as we all know by now (I hope anyways) its who they can pass the virus off to that is where its scary.  All that to say I was glad to see the response for the ministry for now.  There is nothing wrong with being safe over wishing you could go back & change things & held off if anything went wrong.

Mask Wearers & STORES
I can't tell you how EXTREMELY happy it makes me to see stores such as Target & Home Depot & Kohl's making it requirement to wear a mask. I'm sure - SO SURE - there will still be THAT PERSON (come on now Karen) that wont put it on  ****give you side eye Karen**** but I do think it'll help more people put it on that wasn't wearing them before.

On that topic - here's a good link to read 19 Reasons Why There's No Reason to Not Wear A Mask....

Tell me something good about your week!

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