Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Prime Purchases

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Who doesnt love the time to search in everyone's Amazon cart & see what everyone is buying.
I love a good shopping snoop.

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I talked about this on a Thankful Thursday post
But this has already paid for itself in the discount I've gotten by doing postage at home
The top comes up so you can put a large envelope on it too
& it weights up to 50 lbs so this will be helpful when its cold & my Etsy store starts selling some knitting stuff!

Sharpie Gel Pens

I bought some of these at Target - that are 1.0mm pens
I LOVE THEM. They are like BUTTA
But I needed a smaller tip pen for my planner - Love these equally as well!

Light Bulbs

Because I'm sick of every bulb blowing at once & we just havent been going to the store that often
Thank you Amazon for getting these here always the next day!

AAA Batteries

Same idea with batteries
We have been going through them like mad being at home & all the remotes taking these

Water Hose

Yep - 50 feet of hose really came in that little bag. 
I love these kind of hoses that are material & just inflate & deflate. Genius.

Elderberry Gummies

I got these after a few other bloggers talked about it last month in Prime Purchase posts
The power of sharing what you buy.
I love these. They taste yummy - & I am a true believer in Elderberry

What's the latest thing you've bought from Amazon?

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