Thursday, March 04, 2021

A very long list of catching up {Thankful Thursday #269}


After coming out of a hard few weeks, I have so much to be thankful for....believe me.
In the worst of times, there is goodness all around.

This week I am Thankful For:

Survived COVID
I mean... this is going to be on my list for a long time because I honestly feel like the word "Survived" isn't down playing any single minute of the past 17 days for me.  This has put a new fear for me about COVID, while others still will downplay it (or some Governors are just opening up their state like there's not a Pandemic still going #WHAT? ) - I've felt the seriousness of it & worry about ever feeling this way again... or my loved ones feeling these severe symptoms - or even worse.  I feel like I have come out of a war. Survival truly is how I would describe my COVID experience.

Some days, it was hard for me to even open my eyes so I know I wasn't the best at answering everyone quickly - but I am so thankful that every day, I had messages & phone calls from friends & family checking on me & Hubby & wanting updates on us & checking if we needed anything.  It was so comforting to know we werent alone when you feel very alone when you cant leave your home.

Oxygen Monitor
I was very, VERY anxious about my oxygen levels because I was honestly gasping for air at points in a day.  Julie had ordered me an oxygen monitor & had it delivered to my house the next day - & it brought so much peace to watch my oxygen levels & see that even though it didnt feel safe, it was.  It's what kept me out of the ER. 

Took this pic yesterday... look at that oxygen at 100%
That's accomplishment right there is what that is!!!!

Brother & SIL
They were so good at bringing anything we needed - making sure we had dinner & replenishing our Gatorade stock & just checking on us all day long.  I dont know what we would have done without their outside support & drop off service :) .

RING camera
I was glad we just got our RING camera installed so I could talk to them when they dropped stuff off - its the little things.

Book Love
My friend knows me well when she sent me some books to brighten my day.  This was such a fun surprise that brought a smile to my face when I was getting so emotionally & mentally worn down after some time into this COVID fight.  Thank you so much Nathalie!

Our Framily, Ryan & Chasity, was so good about checking in on us - heck, they still check on us every day... & they brought us a bunch of vitamins to boost up our immune system.  We made sure to take them every single day. A lot of people are swearing by Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin C & Fish Oil tablets.  Anything to help the immune system, we were all about.

Caring Gift
I honestly was so taken back at the thoughtfulness of my sweet friend Audrey for sending me some Vegetable Broth, with some that was made for helping immunity.  I had never heard of this before & am now hooked. It was perfect when I had zero appetite but knew I needed to get something in my body to keep me hydrated & my body still functioning.  She also sent some lovely rose tea, perfect for the sore throat & the heat helped my cough for a little bit.  This was good for my belly but also my soul.

Work from Home
I honestly dont know how I did it - it was so hard to sit up.... but I'm so glad I was at home where I could take breaks & lay down at lunch & stay in my jammies & drink hot tea & take my Tylenol on time.  I'm super thankful that our HR department reached out to me so much too, checking on me & making sure I was OK to work.  

Not working too!
2 days after I got my COVID diagnosis, the day I couldnt even stand up, much less keep my eyes open, I am so thankful that my coworker was just so ready to go with the flow. Working from home on a normal day, she got word that I couldnt work & headed right into the office to cover for me.  It may sound like I'm always on repeat on some things - & my work & coworkers being one of those repeat things - but they really are just truly the best. Stepping in when needed & just always so willing to help even when its inconvenient.

Mocha Kit-Kat
Speaking of amazing coworkers (see? Repeat) ... look at what came in my overnight packages from work.  Tell me this doesnt make a work day better to get some Mocha flavored chocolate yummies!!!!

When we first got COVID, its when it was snowing & snowing & SNOWWWINGGGG!!! We were so thankful that our neighbors made sure our driveway was cleared off for us. Especially with friends & family dropping things off on our porch, I would have felt awful if they got stuck in the snow.  Our neighbors took care of that for us.  

Warmed up!
After the horrible snow & cold - we got some Spring like air.  I think sitting outside & reading is true medicine for me.  Fresh air. Warm sunshine. I just sat & closed my eyes & started working on my inhaling to get these lungs working again.

Walking Support & Nurse
I honestly dont know what I would have done without Hubby.  I am so glad I was able to take care of him the first few days of him feeling bad... but he was my nurse more than I could ever have done for him.  When I went down, I went down HARD - & he was so good about making sure to make dinner, or making sure I was eating something - & making sure I was staying hydrated. He would do "check time" where he would monitor my Blood pressure, temperature & oxygen. He was johny on the spot with me!  & I knew moving was so important & it was so hard... but he would stand next to me & make sure I was walking, no matter how many steps.  When I progressed to getting outside & taking some steps down the drive, no matter what time it was, he'd get up & walk with me.  I just want to cry when I think how blessed I am to have this man & the care he took of me.  

I cant even begin to tell you how many people reached out to us to assure me or Hubby they were lifting prayers for us. Honestly & truly, there is nothing more precious than that. Someone taking the time to lift us up & wish us the best & send us thoughts, love & pray for healing.  I am one who believes these such things make all the difference.  Some days, it was so hard & the struggle was so difficult, I would sit & think of all the prayers being lifted & it brought a comfort & a peace to me.  So THANK YOU to everyone that  sent us the love!

Tell me something good about your week!

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