Friday, March 12, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Sandals

Bring on the SANDALS!!!!!
These are in a ton of colors too!!!

Favorite House Help

Because this could be a game changer.  I have a plug on the side of my bed but want to get things on each side of the bed plugged up - this would be perfect.

Favorite Lock

Because I hate keys

Favorite Tee

Favorite Fridge Help

I wonder how this works. I'd be scared to death it would fall & break in the fridge - 
but its supposed to hold 3 x's the weight on each one of those little magnets.
Hubby loves drinking root bears & bottle drinks that have real sugar in them - so we constantly have bottles pushed around the fridge. I may have to try this out.

Favorite Scrunchie

OK... so I probably wouldnt put lip balm in it if its around my hair - but to put some cash in it - that's genius. That' would be perfect to wear like running a race & you want to keep some cash on you - or even a day out & you dont want to carry a lot.

Favorite Shorts

French Terry Sweatshorts... because I need more work from home clothes for the warmer days - LOL
But really - I love some shorts to wear around the house that are just comfy -a ton of sizes & a few colors in these too!

Favorite Funnies

... me watching American's Top Model on Netflix for no reason

... the one thing my momma put as the number 1 Rule in our home growing up

... me at 4:30 pm today

Happy Weekend Y'all!!!

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