Friday, March 19, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Coffee Cups

Why is it something fun to be able to SEE your coffee through the mug? Just me?
Ohhhh - just  seen its on sale for $13.00 off!

Favorite Tank Top

I mean - I never had that shape nor will I ever...But, I do like this tank top.
I like the top of it - its not low cut & the thicker edges.... This would  even be great to wear in the spring & fall with a cardigan over it.  They have a lot of colors too. I'm going to try a few of them out!

Favorite Cardigan

Speaking of cardigans! 
I love a good long one to cover my butt!
This one has a bunch of colors too.
A cardigan to me is like my grown up blankey.... makes me feel cozy in my soul

Favorite Pampering

I'm a shower person - not a bath person
So I like that I can get some spa treatments even standing up.
Each of these have different scents - one for sinus relief, one for relaxation - that sort of thing.
This would be a great gift too.

Favorite WebCam Helper

Because after a year of Zoom calls & meetings, my little washi tape isnt doing the trick. LOL
I always forget to put it back on - or the sticky doesnt work.
I mean... its OK - but that would be nice to just slide that & not have to worry about anything else

Favorite Pet Product

So Ozzie got potty trained in a week... seriously... so we have a ton of puppy pads we bought that we never used. But I saw these & had never heard of this before.  I'll totally get these if/when we get another puppy down the road.  They are carbon & grab the scent from urine & suppose to absorb where they're not even wet feeling.  Kinda genius.  

Favorite Kettle

Fancy. I love the modern look of this.

Favorite Desk

How cool is this?
Take that laptop with you wherever you go if you move around your house a lot.
& it adjusts to the seat you're in too.  I really like this.

Favorite Bookmark

You can  write in the books you've read through the year - HOW FUN IS THIS!!!!

Favorite Funnies

I dont know why that made me laugh as hard as it did

... anytime the dogs are around Hubby

... me at 4:30pm today going down my hallway


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