Monday, March 08, 2021

The weekend I finally feel like I'm getting back to normal

 He'llo Love... said in my best English accent after coming out of last night's Oprah interview with Meghan & Harry.  Anyone else watch it last night?  That was the fastest 2 hours ever. I wanted another 2 hours!  It was all so interesting to me.  Such flashbacks of Princess Diana speaking out & giving some insight into how crazy the Royal Family is.  Nothing like the ideal "Happily Ever After" atmosphere, is it?   You know everything is on high alert at Buckingham Palace today.

Can I say, I'm coming out of the interview just loving Prince Harry even more.  I hope it shames the heck out of Prince Charles... THIS is what it looks like to be a Husband & Father. To stand up for his family, at all costs. I applaud him.

I've missed Oprah interviews too.  She's just so good at casual conversations. & her face when she says "WHAT?" to the response of the skin color of Archie. That's going to be a forever reporting moment.

Anyways... Happy Monday.

Another weekend of much about nothing... but one good thing - I feel SO MUCH BETTER.  SO MUCH!  Honestly, at the worst of my COVID journey, I wasn't ever sure I was going to feel the same ever again.  But my temp is now staying around 99.0 or below & I finally feel like I have some energy back.  I still am having issues with coughing & breathlessness - but again, SO MUCH BETTER. I'm still working on it all, building energy & lung capacity back.  I'll get there.  

Friday - Hubby & I had a little date night... at home, of course.  We were so excited for the finale of WandaVision.  So we made a frozen pizza - because we found one we really like (thin crust, sweet peppers on it - its delicious)... & we settled in & finished up the series.  We enjoyed it so much.  

Then we had to go to YouTube & watch all the videos explaining the ending - LOL.  True Marvel form.    I'm sad its over though.

When that went off, I started watching the new Real World show where the original New York cast came back together.  I remember that back in the day.  It was filmed in 1992 & they were around 20 years old... these are my people. My age. My time period. It's crazy to see them come back together & seeing just a little  bit of where their life has been over the past 29 years.  I'm more shocked about anything that Eric is like a spiritual guru. & it's so precious to see Andre as a girl dad.  & Julie, honest to goodness, she doesnt look like she's changed at all.  Excited to see this all play out.

Saturday - I had to run to the bank for work & then went back to the eye doctor to exchange my contacts for another brand to try out.  I'm not laying a lot of hope in contacts... but I think these will be good enough to just do what I need to do. Not a full time wearing thing.  

All that contact work & I'm still wearing my old glasses - LOL

I also got my prescription so I can finally order some glasses online. I have a friend who orders online & she gets the cutest glasses & I'm excited to try them out.  Anyone else order glasses online? I see a lot of people talk about doing that & such is the life in the 2000's.  Pretty soon Amazon is going to have a eye glasses section, wont they? 

The rest of Saturday was pretty laid back.  Hubby & I went to Target & it felt so strange being out in the world again... especially after having COVID.  It makes me feel safer knowing I've had it & I have antibiodies ... But it also just gives me the creeps because I dont want it again.  Such a weird place to be right now.

... also made a Starbucks stop because coffee is FINALLY starting to taste normal to me again! YAHOO ... the little things in life!!!

Sunday - I woke up MISERABLE.  I must  have  had a whole night of teeth grinding because I honestly couldnt put my teeth together - so much pain.  I am on a bad streak of that right now. I have seasons where I do it all night.  If  you're new around here, just know I have 7 crowns in my mouth - ALL because I have cracked teeth from grinding my teeth together.  That's my super power - I break my teeth.  I never knew I was that strong.... sigh....

I couldnt eat at all on Sunday - to put food in between my teeth, it hurt so bad.  I took some Advil to help & it did ease it up - but I'm hoping it eases up so I can eat today.

& before anyone says, "get a mouth guard"... that was WITH a mouth  guard in.  I looked at my mouth guard I just bought & the plastic that sits in between the teeth has my teeth marks in it. GAH.  Wasn't there a 007 villian that had like a mouth full of teeth that could injure people?  Great - I'm a villian.

It was GLORIOUS outside on Sunday though - & I it hurt so bad to eat - so I lived on coffee & I grabbed my book & I stayed outside the entire day - ENTIREEE day - just loving this book too.....

Its pretty long - near 500 pages.  I'm a little over 300 pages so I cant wait to finish it & see how it ends.

& you know how I ended my Sunday - right there with my tea, cheering on Harry & Meghan.

How was your weekend?

Did you watch the interview?

Do you have issues with grinding your teeth?

Have you ever ordered glasses online?

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