Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Prime Purchases


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I got this paint by number for my niece who is the Basketball player.
I need to check in on her & see if she's worked on it.

The work from home life - I needed some ink for my bank stamp
... this doesnt have like a easy flow tip or anything - the ink just POURS right out.

Ask me how I know.... & ignore the stain on my floor

I got Hubby this gaiter to wear at work when it was still cold.
It fits him perfectly where it looks like its his face.
Dont make him angry... you wouldnt like him when he's angry

We have friends that when we used to have game nights.... so long agooooo...
We'd play this & it was really fun. So I got it for Hubby & I to play at home while we wait for game nights to begin again.

I never got to post this from Christmas... but I got this for Hubby & he absolutely loves it.
The FUNNY thing... we were watching an episode of The Goldbergs the other day & the kid had on this exact same shirt - the color & everything!!! Made Hubby love this shirt even more.

This is a 60 pack of coffee!!!
Hubby has really found this to be his favorite & I stocked up on it for him.
It was cheaper to buy it in bulk - & our Sam's Club doesnt carry this kind - so Amazon to the rescue!

What's the last thing you got from Amazon?

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