Thursday, March 25, 2021

Thankful Thursday #304


I'm going to tell on myself. I usually dont take antibiotics when given to me.  I LOATHE them.  They upset my stomach, & ladies, you all know what else they do where you need to load up on yogurt. Misery.  My mouth was hurting so bad though & it was a different kind of antibiotic I've ever tried, so I thought, OK - I know I need it. & let me tell you - its the first time in probably ... well... probably since I was a kid & my mom made me take my medicine, that I actually finished the whole bottle as prescribed. Look at ME following doctor's orders!  The kind of antibiotic they gave me, I really didnt have any side effects from it. A itty bitty bit of an upset stomach - nothing crazy. The worst side effect was it made me have a metallic taste in my mouth - that was it.  Give me this antibiotic every time!

My brother extended Baby's space & its more than doubled her area. I know she's like, HEY, this is the life!  It was funny, the day he did it, I was over & she just kept standing the in gateway that opened to her new area.  She kept looking at me like, "Am I allowed to go over here?"  She's gonna have a good Spring & Summer.

Reading Outside
Yep... I'll probably put this on here for awhile ... at least until summer hits & its too hot to read outside. It really is my favorite place. I honestly can stay out there from sunrise to sunset.

Ozzie OK with Coffee
If you read my post on Monday, then you know. Geez. But I'm still so glad nothing horrible happened with my baby boy gulping down coffee. He figures he sees me drinking it all the time, he needed to check it out too.

Big Boy Bed
Speaking of Ozzie.... we took down his playpen this weekend.  In all honesty, he was big enough to jump out of it- he actually did one time when we put him in it to go feed the horses.  But most of the time, he'd just stay in there.  But it took up so much of the living room... & truly, we wouldnt be comfortable with putting him in it if we were gone for awhile since we know he COULD jump out of it.  So we put up a big boy kennel to hold him if need be.  He loves getting in his brother's kennel (Harvey's) - of course, Harvey is in it WITH him when he gets in it - but at least its  not an unknown feeling to be in a kennel.  

My living room at least with a middle floor you can walk around again!

All the blooms
My daffodils are up & they are just so colorful & bright & giving me all the Spring happiness in my front yard.

Being home for Daylight Savings
OK... I struggle BIG TIME on time changes.  But I have to say, working from home has one more thing to add to its benefits.  I was so tired last week & couldnt figure out why. (no one said I was that smart) I would kept snoozing my alarm until 10 minutes till I needed to sign in. Thank GOD I didnt have to get up early & drive into work. Only just the other day did I realize that getting up at 7:15, was actually getting up at 6:15. NO WONDER I was so tired.  That I could sneak in that extra little bit of sleep to adjust to the time change.... totally raising some praise hands.

Coffee Creamer
Yep, I talked about this yesterday - but its THAT good.  If anyone lives by me, dont be running down to Kroger & clearing out the shelves. Leave me a few ... m'kay

Tell me something good you're thankful for this week!

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