Thursday, March 18, 2021

I'm a softie, clear counter tops & finally getting a deep breath {Thankful Thursday #271}


This week I'm Thankful for:

Soft Food
When you cant chew down because of dental pain, soft foods are just ... well, literally... a life saver. Soups, pudding, yogurt, things that just slide down without any chomping - I was grateful.

Nurse Hubby
The past few weeks I talked about Hubby taking care of me with COVID - well he's still earning his nurse badges because he's been the best at bringing me home some of the soft foods.  Coming home from work with pudding for me, & even a large order of Chick Fil-A mac & cheese (yummy). 

Speaking of dental pain, having to go 5 days until you were able to get in with a doctor to help you, I couldn't have slept without numbing up the tooth & gums. Honestly - this was my sanity the past week.

Dental Insurance

I'm sure we all know & can agree - the price of dental work... whoooOOOOaaaaAAAAA.... Ouch.  & Dental insurance, even GOOD dental insurance maxes out fast in a dental chair - but I'm grateful for what I DO have. Always tell myself, things could be worse.

I got a card with a surprise in it with just a note of appreciation this past week & it's just really nice to know people dont take you for granted. It really made my entire day.

Bathroom organizer.

I posted this on my Friday Favorites & then thought about it after looking at my ever covered bathroom counters & went ahead & ordered it. GAME CHANGER. My counter has nothing else on it because this organizer & soap. I'm so glad I got it.,  You can fix the shelves around it to fit whatever you need to put on it.  I've got so much in this one little thing - but it looks nice too!  Super happy with this purchase

I've really been trying to work on my lung capacity & building it up more & more & I'm doing pretty good at getting further on my walks & not feeling like I have to lean over & gasp for air.  I'm all about that progress.

Time Change
I know... I know... you either hate it or love it. & I'll admit, the first few days are some hard stuff to adapt to - but y'all. Come on now. Isn't it just spectacular & glorious to be light outside after 7pm? I'm plain giddy about it. Now - if we never have to turn our clocks back again - I'd be one happy camper.

Tell me something good in your week!

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