Friday, March 26, 2021

Friday Favorites


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Favorite Frame

I am TOTALLLLLY getting this.
You can just change out the paper with the clips at the top - changing up the art around your room all the time.  This would be perfect for the parent with an artistic child too!

Favorite Fake Plants

To add some greenery around the home  or  in the office 
because if they were real, they'd be brown & dead in a week in my care
You get 3 plants too - put together or scatter them. 

Favorite Towel Rack

I really like this - to put on a counter top. I'd even put lotion on the bottom tray for guests.

Favorite Tea Infusers


They just make the cutest diffusers now!!!
Perfect for spring time tea!

Favorite Washi

These are really thin, but just enough to add some color to your notebook or calendar. & not take up too much space. Plus, being so thin, you can add a few for a cute design.

Favorite Nail Help

I used to use cuticle oil & just have stopped.
I need to get some more & get my nails healthy again.

Favorite Hair Clips

So pretty!!!! what a beautiful way to liven up a look.

Favorite Cherry Pitter

Anyone else excited about cherry season coming up!!!!!

Favorite Funnies

This is 100% me

... my dogs when I shut the screen door so they cant come in with muddy feet

... when I hear of more & more states (my own included) dropping more & more restrictions while other countries are going into another lockdown

... me at 4:30pm today

Happy weekend Y'all!!!

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