Wednesday, October 21, 2020

6 new things I tried & really like... & 1 that didnt make the grade

 I mean, when you dont do anything or go anywhere (thanks 2020) you go to the grocery & get new products to try.  That's what you call some exciting living.  Calm down with the madness.  Seriously though - what else is there to do?  So here we go - a few products that I've gotten lately that I'm really impressed & happy with....

& because I'm lazy & its rainy & I just am ready to get in bed with a cup of hot tea & watch the hot mess of The Bachelorette, I'm not putting any links on here.  I'll say where I got things from. I can give you a heads up - its either the grocery or Target... so basically, everything is at Target.

METHOD BODY WASH  / I am OBSESSED with this body wash.  I get this at Target.  The smell of it is so clean & FLORAL.  It really does remind me of peonies & roses.  & it feels good on my skin too. I've tried this brand before in other scents - but this one wins out above all of them for me.  Now... if you know me... I have zero knowledge about skin care so I know some of you are super picky about what you put on your skin. For me, if its something I can grab as I'm strolling the aisles at Target, I'm good.

PUMPKIN SPICE ROLLS/ I picked these up because I had seen in the bakery department at my grocery a pumpkin bread loaf & it looked amazing. But I didnt want a huge pile of cake in my house so I walked past these & thought, a mini version!  I had never had these before - but my goodness. Delicious.  They're not TOO pumpkin flavor - just a hint, with a cinnamon sort of flavor.  I really enjoyed it. I may pick up a few more of these before they're gone for the season. I assume Christmas things will replace these soon.

KALE LITTLES / OK - I know these look gross. But they come in dinosaur or teddy bear or star shapes - so that makes them ok, right?  Actually, these taste REALLY good.  The Hubs found these & wanted to give it a try.... it was those fun shapes, I'm telling you.... & they really impressed us. We've picked up some more of these & had them a few times the past few weeks.  We find these at Target.  You can see behind, I burnt these a little bit - & they still tasted good. Had a little bit of a crunch to them.  Hey, anything that helps you get some greens in a day.

KUNG PAO CAULIFLOWER / OH MY GOSH... these will be going on my grocery list every week! That's how good these are.  I made some fried rice to mix with this & The Hubs & I both were just chowing away on these.  They are HUGE pieces too!  The thing that makes these so delicious is the sauce you mix these with once they cook in the oven.  Cook them long enough to make the outside crispy - & that sauce...mmmm.... I thought it was going to be a little hot - but its more like a sweet tang.  Again - found these at Target.

THE GREEK GODS YOGURT / OK - I lied. I didnt get this at the grocery or Target... I got this at Sam's Club. & this HUGE tub is like $5.00!  I wasn't sure if I was going to like it because I'm super weird when it comes to Greek Yogurt  - but this stuff is really nice & smooth.  Not too runny - & sweet! You dont have to add anything to it if you didnt want to - but I mean, fruit & honey in it makes it like a dessert.  I like greek yogurt for all the protein I can get.

GREENS & GRAINS RISOTTO / Got this one at Kroger.  So simple to make. It's in the freezer section & you just pour it in a pan & cover  it up & 10 minutes later - you have this delicious dinner.  Again - MORE GREENS in your diet & it has a nice little crunch with wheatberries in it.  The Hubs suggested that we put mushrooms in it next time - which YES!  I'd love to make some cornbread or something like that to eat with it too.  A really good thing to keep in the freezer for a fast dinner or a night you dont know what else to make. A good standby.

.... ANDDDDD - one bad thing....

DOVE SHOWER FOAM / This gets a big NOPE from me.  It was on clearance so I thought I'd give it a try.  I love me some foaming hand soap so thought I'd enjoy the body wash.  To me, it doesnt foam up on your body. I pump it on my loofa & put it on one arm & ... fizzle... & have to pump more... & fizzle... I just didnt care for it. I need SOME BUBBLES when I use body wash.  I could basically stand naked & I look like I have on a white body suit with all the bubbles I like... this doesnt do it for me.

Have you tried any of these?

What's something new you tried & really like?

... or something you found you didnt like?

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