Tuesday, October 27, 2020

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

 I mean... is it fitting that the week I'm on vacation, its basically going to rain nearly every day? 

COME ON!!!! Geez.....

To kick off vacation, I did not wake up till nearly 9am. WHAT? I never sleep in like that.   Even on the weekends, I'm up my usual 6:30am.  I dont know if my body was like, its raining & cold out, let's just keep us in a coma like state, under warm blankets & snuggled with the dogs.

It helped that I now have those new darkening curtains.  It was like night time in my room at 9am.  The kind of dark that when I got up & swung the curtains back, I had to shield my eyes.... & it wasn't even a sunny day.


The Hubs was already busy working in the basement when I stumbled in the kitchen to get my coffee just in time to watch some Kelly & Ryan.

That coffee must have jolted me up because I was like, what am I going to do on Day 1 of my vacation.

  After tripping over all the things I got for my room make over I was planning on doing 2 months ago, I figured that was the universe's way of telling me what to do.

I had bought the pictures & new bed spread & pillows & little odds & ends right before I took my stumble & my ankle was like an apple. I wasn't about to stand up on my bed with my ankle - so it got pushed  aside.  Well, this ankle is feeling 90% back to normal so I was ready to go....

I am so excited about my room & how its coming together.  I still have a few more walls that I want to find some little things to hang. Or I may end up painting some things or hand lettering some canvases myself to hang next to the TV.  I also was going to go with Gray & that soft purple color, but after seeing the pillow shams I got, I'm going to find some in that sage green. I like that better, especially with my wreath on the wall.

I made the bed up & then wouldnt let the dogs come in & get on the new comforter - set up the gate that blocks them from coming in the bedroom.  Well, I must have moved it while I was carrying up out some garbage outside & came back to find this.....

This dog. 

Harvey Dent was good because he went into the bedroom, but went into his kennel & laid down. He understands not getting on the bed when he sees it made up. My smart boy.

I had The Hubs help me flip our mattress & we both laid down on it & was like, "IT FEELS BRAND NEW!!!"... I know this is something you're supposed to do often, but Hubby isn't usually around when I'm changing the sheets to help me lift it up.

After working up a sweat with all the redoing things in the bedroom, I was ready to take a break & finish watching The Queen's Gambit.  I really enjoyed the ending of it.

We loaded up the truck & took SO MUCH stuff down to Goodwill.  I mean, we had some good stuff we took down there.  A whole new brand new security system with cameras, Disney Christmas automated figures, remote control fire trucks, some good stuff!  I always think, someone is going to be excited to get this for a deal. Plus, we have more space in our basement. Win win for everyone.

Since we were down that way, we headed to Target - which I've said before, I love going to the store on week days when its not nearly as crowded. I was shocked though to see them piling all the Halloween stuff onto the clearance aisle & they were prepping it all for Christmas.  Setting up the displays for the lights & getting the trees all ready to put up in place. Unbelievable.... we're back to this time of year.

I told Ricky that since we cant do anything anyways this  week, we might as well go ahead & pull out our Christmas decorations too. I just got a look.  Dont know what that means.... we'll see if we have our tree up by November 1st.

I did get some much needed things at Target though...

I NEEDED, yes, NEEDED some new Sharpie Gel Pens ;) I love the 1.0mm pens - they are just so smooth. They're thicker than most pens but I love that thicker  ink on some things.

& can you believe I got some Clorox wipes? I saw them & gasped. Literally GASPED! Of course, you are only allowed one container per person... but I'll go back & buy one every day if I have to. Time to stock up!

If you've never tried that Peanut Butter Monster trail mix... do it. It's more like a dessert to me. SO DELICIOUS!  

We stopped & picked up some dinner... & we even stopped at Starbucks to get some drinks for in the morning.. ... & came home & ate & got ready to settle in - when we remembered - HORSES!!!  We were totally off our routine so we had to go over & take care of the horses in the dark. & by "We" I mean, I went in & loved on them & gave them treats & kissed & hugged them while The Hubs did the 'work'.  I mean, what I do matters too :) 

So... it was a decent Day 1 actually.  
Some relaxing - some house achievement done - some space cleared out - & Starbucks & Target.
I'll take it.

How was your Monday?

Do you like a thicker pen or thinner tip?

When's' the last time you flipped your mattress?

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