Thursday, October 15, 2020

When you want to look BOOOTIFUL

 I basically go no where in life since March 2020.  

& yet, here we are in October.  Still not doing anywhere. That doesnt stop my love for Halloween.  So I just wanted to share some of the cute things I've bought lately.... 

to just sit around my house in.

SHRUG....I'm good with that..

First up - I got these leggings from Walmart! They have 2 packs with Halloween leggings. Most of them have a pair of solid black - which, give me always - & then cute Spooky designs. They had ones with skeletons all over that I really liked but they were sold out.  I think the Witchy dogs were meant to be mine anways.

Click pic for link

Speaking of leggings, of course I had to get some LulaRoe to support one of our favorite red heads.  I saw this skeleton shirt & thought, heck, I'd wear this all year long. The skeletons arent too IN YOUR FACE & I love the long sleeve tee.  I found some leggings that are kind of a good match with it & love how it turned out.

I also got some cute fall tees for the season. I had to laugh that I saw where an Ennegram 3 already has their Thanksgiving outfit picked out & I did actually get that Hello Pumpkin tee to wear for Thanksgiving. So maybe I am a 3... if you're into that thing.  But aren't they cute?

Click pic for link

& dont forget this cute tee I got from the same online store...

I really like their tees. They're super soft & they wash up really well.
Thanks Melissa for the recommend on that store.

Then I cant let my nails go without the holiday... so got some really cute Halloween ColorStreet nails. I'm super excited about the Skeleton because they GLOW IN THE DARK!!!!  & those blue bats are glittery... I'm so giddy about these!!!

& of course, the awesome Nathalie that sells these ColorStreet nails sent me a Halloween surprise for my order... & I think I just have to wear these with every single thing here!!!

I love how light weight these earrings are! 

& finally, if I'm going to go all out for the season, my planner is too... I had to get this new sticker book so I can make my planner feel the same vibe.  

Click Pic for Link

This has so many fun stickers in it - a lot of PUN stickers with cats in all sorts of costumes.  There's even stickers in here about KNITTING!! WHOO HOOO.  I'll have to show you an inside look on my Planner post.

Speaking of which - I cant wait to share how I've been using my latest planner the last few weeks.. I'll share that next week!

So tell me - do you buy Halloween clothes - or are you a Fall clothing person?

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