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Show Us Your Books {October 2020}

 Knit By God's Hand: I have another new favorite to add to my list.....{Show  Us Your Books}


Long Bright River
** / It was OK

Quick Summary:  One sister is a police officer & her sister is on the streets as a drug addict & prostitute. We see the story from their childhood & how the decisions & choices of each sister lead them.

This book has been all the rage. & I always feel a little 'dumb' or beneath people when books that everyone else seems to think is life changing & has a deep message just doesnt do it for me.  

To me, the writing in this one was frustrating the entire way through.  There are no "Quotation marks" & a lot of -he said, - I said, in every conversation / every line & it honestly almost made me close the book. Frustrating.  

I did like the mystery of the story & the relationship with some of the cops & the people struggling on the street.  But I just wasn't feeling many of the characters & the book got very long to me at nearly 500 pages long.  

I'm glad I read it. I appreciate the bigger picture of the story that people are connecting with - but for me, the way it was executed, I just wasn't over the moon for. I think it was about all the high expectations with everyone's ravings.  I didnt hate it.  To me, it was just ... meh.

"This was the secret I learned that day. None of them want to be saved. They all want to sink backward toward the earth again, to be swallowed by the ground, to keep sleeping."

In Five Years
***** / It was Amazing

Quick Summary:  Dannie has her life all together according to her plan & when she has a dream of what her life looks like in 5 years, its nothing what she expects to see. Will it come true?

I see so many people talk about this & love it & I'm one of them! Absolutely felt all the feels on this.  
And it didnt go the route I thought it was going to go either - which I really enjoyed.

It had my heart all full of emotions - that's for sure. I honestly had tears in my eyes at one point.
& the ending? Loved it.  

I dont want to give anything away - but get it & read it. It's a short book & something you can read in a weekend.  Treat yourself & fall in love with this author's writing  
I'm going to see what else she wrote & check it out  now too.

"I have been asked if I've needed help so many times that I have been allowed to forget the question, the significance of it.  I see, now, the way the love in my life has woven into a tapestry that I've been blessed enough to get to ignore. But not now, not anymore."

The Accidental Beauty Queen
**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  A pair of idential twins head to a beauty pagent, one to compete, one to enjoy books & trips to Harry Potter World & when an allergic reaction ruins one of the twins changes of competiting in the pagenant, the other one has to step in to fill her shoes.  

I honestly started this & didnt get up until I finished it. 
Such a cute & fast read - one I could totally see as a movie - or at least a Hallmark channel movie. Which ironically, I see is what the author of this book does - creates Hallmark Channel Original Movies.

This is all the flavor of The Parent Trap, mixed in with Miss Congeniality.
It gave me emotion, humor, a book lover & sister relationships.  
Read this for a good weekend, relaxing & fun fast read!

"Spoiler Alert: I'm not a baton-Twirling prodigy."

**** / Really Liked It

Quick Summary:  A man & women cross each other's paths & end up spending a week together, vowing to stay in touch & see where the relationship goes. When one of them disappears & "ghosts" the other, we find that there's something mysterious about this relationship than they can ever know.

I know I'm super late to this one - but I was so pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed this book.  I was totally taken back in some parts & didnt expect some of the twists & turns.  I was hooked. I even went back & re-read parts of it once some of the twists were taken because I had to make sure I was following.  

Glad I finally got to read this one.
Funny side note - I ordered from the library & didnt realize I had the LARGE PRINT in this one.  That's a weird thing to read a book in Large Print. The way they format the book is different. It took me a little bit to adjust to the book & I was afraid it would distract me (I am easily distracted & it makes stories not enjoyable to me... I'm weird that way) but the story was good enough to overpower distractions.

“Life is too short to run around after someone who makes you miserable.”

Click the pic below to join in & see all the books being read laely!
I have found so many good unknown books through these links.

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