Saturday, October 03, 2020

Awareness & Humbleness

 I was all set to talk about tofu turkey lunch meat today, which I was really kinda excited to talk about.. & then breaking news comes on the TV while I'm sweeping my kitchen floor ....

I've sat here watching the TV as the President of the United States gets carried away in a Choppa (said in my best Arnold voice) to get monitored for his diagnosis of Covid.

I know there's so many thoughts by so many .... many of well wishes & prayers for our President... many others that pointing towards karma.

I just hope in the end, no one gets fatally sick... that there's full recovery - because we've already lost WAY TOO MANY people to Covid. 
One is too many.
Over 200,000 in our country is disgusting. 

I hope that AWARENESS comes out of this that COVID has NOT GONE AWAY & people are still suffering, getting sick.... dying from a pandemic that is still spreading rapidly in our country.

Personally, The Hubs & I know of multiple people that have been diagnosed as Covid positive just last week.  It's still going ... still spreading.

My biggest fear in this - because I'm sure The President will receive beyond the greatest health care & will be just fine...but I feel like if he was knocking on deaths door with Covid (which I hope not), I think he'll come out of this & say, "It was nothing.  No problem. Anyone can battle this". 

I really hope & pray COVID isn't belittled.

I hope to see some humbleness.

I really hope to see the leader of our country acknowledge this is a virus that is something to be addressed, it is serious & can be dangerous & it is a national (& global) issue & acknowledge it's not going to "just disappear".  I really hope there is sympathy to relate to so many that have lost loved ones to this.

Just when you think 2020, the election, & the political climate can't get any crazier.....

Oh... & by the way, my tofu turkey lunch meat is pretty awesome.

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