Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Halloween proved I am just an angel... 70's flashback happening!

 If you know me at all, you know Halloween is my favorite holiday, along with Easter.  Which I know... I know ... such a weird combo. I always say that they both celebrate the raising of the dead, right? ... I'm so clever.

I've just always loved Halloween as a kid.  I can remember my mom bringing out all the paper figures you'd tape in your window.  That used to be a thing in the 70's.  The kind that had hinged joints on it so you could make a pumpkin head figure move his body different every day.  & for those of you around my time, you'll remember the black cat that had 'fur' & I'm using "fur" with bold strokes in terms of that word. It was more like a weird felt sensation that you'd run your hands over it & you'd surely get shocked by touching metal afterwards.  BOO! 

THESE!!! We had THESE!!!! Anyone else?
If you're home had these on the window - you were totally a "Pinterest" house

These weird melted "something" creations were also a big 70's thing

Is it any wonder I loved Halloween?

The era where you wore plastic masks you could neither SEE nor BREATH through... good times.

I always use this pic because the one time I wore a costume like this - it was a CASPER one like the girl on the end. I'm still not sure this ISNT me here with my cousins

I actually only had to wear one of those once, because my mom was all about home made costumes. & those were the best.  

Funny story - my mom made me an angel costume one year that I actually was going to be using for a Christmas play.  I wont make any comments about how I was the one they picked to play the angel on stage in front of everyone. No comment at all.  But I'll be sure to tell my husband every single day.....

I ended up wearing that for a Halloween costume party that my church was having.  A friend of mine that lived down the street went with me & she was dressed as an "old lady" -  her costume was actually pretty awesome. She had pillows in an old dress that was more like a buttoned up "house robe" & belted it where it made her look like she had a big chest & a big behind. She had put something in her hair to make it grey.... & wait for it....

we got to the party & found everyone wearing robes,-  the boys have these beards & shepherd hook sort of walking sticks & the girls also in robes & have their heads covered.... WHAT IS HAPPENING?

I guess I didnt read too closely the details of the party.  Come to find out, you were supposed to be dressed as your favorite BIBLICAL CHARACTER.  I mean, makes sense.   When is a Baptist church going to have a real Halloween party.

OH MY GOSH.... total fail... 

Except, by the GRACE OF GOD... I was dressed like an angel!!!
Of COURSE I'm there as Gabriel.  Totally meant to do it. Absolutely. (As I'm praying to God to remember that forgiveness thing for lying)

Thank goodness THIS didnt happen.

My friend, my fellow "Old Lady"... tell me she wasn't creative.  She took off her belt, dropped the pillow, grabbed some sort of bucket sitting around the church & she said she was the "Woman by the well"...LOL... is that genius or what?  You can totally tell she too was a "church kid" to be able to come up with that one so quick.  I would have gone with the "innkeeper that turned Mary & Joseph away" - I mean - who really knows anything about that person?

I ended up winning that costume contest. ... Who knew.

& everyone wanted my mom to make angel costumes for Christmas for a "heavenly host". To which my mom just laughed because she had hand sewn that costume & it took her nearly 2 weeks to get it just right, complete with padded wings & the idea of hand sewing a bunch more - in October - to be ready for December.  No thank you.  A big pass on that one.

I bet everyone thought she just didnt want anyone else to take over the Angel role except her baby girl.  Stand back Mama June or Dance Moms!

For the record, I was an awesome angel in the Christmas pageant too.  

Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people.


... I didnt even plan on telling that story  - I was going to show you all the Halloween clothes I've bought the past few weeks.  Let's just leave all this fun visual here for the day & I'll post the pictures tomorrow.  

& I promise you, I wont have a picture of an Angel costume in it.

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