Friday, October 02, 2020

I didnt even get birthday cake!

Whoo hooo! My momma's birthday was yesterday.  I'm always up for any reason to get a cake.  I mean, I usually can use excuses like, "It's Wednesday"... but this time, a REAL reason. Birthday celebrations.

When I logged off of work, I headed over to mom's & we headed down to Target.  Because what else is better than walking around Target to just roam?  Especially on a week day when it's not that busy.  I've  learned that going to the store or grocery really pays off to go on a weird Mon - Thursday evening.

You cant tell in that pic above... but mom's smiling.

2 things we learned wearing masks in Target. 1.) When I say, SMILE for a birthday picture, it matters not.  I mean, I should take all my Top Model training & tell her to SMIZE instead. 2.) Dont bother with the candle aisle.  I was wanting some good Fall scented candles, but we tried smelling candles through our masks just for the fun of it .... these masks must be pretty good because we could smell nothing.  Then I figured I wasn't going to spend good money that I cant smell through a piece of fabric.

We did go through the Halloween stuff because PRIORITIES. I love me some Halloween.  When I saw this little riding squirrel to put on a dog for a costume, I so badly wanted to get it. But my big Aussies - no way would this fit.  I know my dad would have gotten the BIGGEST kick out this over anyone!

We ended up not being able to roam as much as we wanted because my ankle... its still not doing the best.  I keep thinking I'm healing faster than I really am & once I stand on my ankle or move for too long, my ankle gets the last laugh.  I'm starting to get kinda concerned that there is some ligament or tendon issues.  Of course, I am someone who jumps to the worst possible conclusion & The Hubs tells me I'm just fine & time will heal all wounds.  

For the record, I am typically the glass half full on every other thing in life & he's the glass is nearly empty.... but when it comes to health issues, we totally flip.  We complete each other... or keep each other sane - one in the same.

I cant fit my foot in a regular pair of shoes yet with this ankle

We checked out but made sure to have a little treat to have in the car while we ordered some take out for a birthday dinner.

& of course, if ya didnt know... it was TRIPLE STAR DAY at Starbucks!!! which is like a siren singing a song luring me into the middle of the ocean.  Had to go get an iced coffee for the morning to start off my Friday the right way!

We headed up to pick up some Tumbleweed & got there fairly early so sat in the parking lot & chatted up & enjoyed the sunset. It was absolutely a beautiful fall day. I am loving the seasons this year - we have gotten a taste of each of them.  Keep it up fall!!!

Mom & I got back to her house & chowed delicious... & by the time we finished eating, I was so stuffed that I couldnt even look at the birthday cake I had picked  up for mom. I must have really meant that fully (pun intended) because I didnt take a picture of mom's cake!!!!  That's bad.  But I'm sure if you know my mom - you know I had her a blue cake.  I should just insert any picture of her cakes over the past 20 years.

Driving home from my mom's - something came to mind about her birthday.  She is now the age my dad was when he passed away. Which feels just really strange to me with dad being 3 years older than her. Age & numbers & dates are just so bizarre in how they relate to the ones remaining when someone passes away.

What's even more bizarre.... I realized I am the exact same age my mom was when I got married.  Hold up - what? Yes... my mom was my age when I walked down the aisle.  

Mom's birthday is tripping me up.....

But we celebrated together & I'm grateful she's here with me on her 73rd birthday....

.. side note... I'm also glad I walked out of Target with these babies.  Because I need to celebrate getting through a day myself.

(Click pic for link to these babies)


& because its Friday - I cant resist a few Funnies

Happy Friday all!!!

I'll be back TOMORROW... because Blogtober is in full effect!

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