Wednesday, October 28, 2020

25 years... where does the time go

 I really had no idea that 25 years would go by this fast.  

October 28, 1995... the day I became Mrs. Vincent.

It's funny because my brother found a book I wrote when I was in elementary school (See, I always loved books) & the name on it, with my maiden name looked so funny to me.  But I've spent more than half of my life as a Vincent than my maiden name.

I was 23 years old.  Now I think about it, it seems like a baby - so young.... but I'm so glad to have all this time & all these years with my hubby.  

I feel like 25 years is such a milestone & I'm proud of it.  I'm proud because marriage isn't easy.  You say vows in front of people & have no ideas what your life will be like. Oh, you have hopes & dreams & in those moments, you never really think of the bad things that can make bumpy paths on the road.  I mean, who would ever stand in front of your family & vow to love in good times & bad, but then realize 25 years later, that "Bad" can simply be socks that lay on the floor, or cabinets that are never shut, or tooth paste that isnt wiped off a sink.

You never look in someone's eyes on your wedding day & envision the highest of highs you'll have, the comfort & happiness you'll share with someone, & also, some of the biggest heart aches & pains you'll have to lean on one another to survive together.  

Marriage is work.  But its fun... & its amazing ... & its a blessing... & its a choice.

A choice to make it through it the hard times, whatever comes.  
The choice to love each other through it all... even when you dont want to, even when its not fun, or easy.
The choice to keep seeing Happily Ever After when 25 years later, it didnt look like you expected

.... but you find that some things look even better. 

 It all balances out. & I'm so thankful that 25 years later, when I'm not that same young "kid" with hopeful dreams, I would still make the same choice to walk down that aisle & say those same vows to the man who also chose to do life with me.

We've achieved silver... & I've never had Olympic size goals in my life... but time to work towards that GOLD now baby!  If its anything like the past 25 years, it'll be here in a blink of an eye.

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