Monday, October 19, 2020

The weekend I had a camera in my hands again

 I know... where was my post for Saturday if I'm so dedicated to Blogtober.  

Hmmphh... I failed.

But with a good excuse.

Friday evening, I was busy charging up equipment, packing equipment, going through check lists.  All because I was loading up for a wedding.

This was super fun for me because I actually was a second shooter for my cousin through The Hubs side. She has ventured into the world of photography for a while doing family & senior sessions & wanted  to dabble that toe into the waters of weddings.  That's a raging river too if you could imagine.  She even said at the end of the day, I never really knew what this side of photography was at my own wedding. Its a JOB - let me tell you - an ALL DAY JOB.

Jen is doing so well at tackling all the photography things & I was so thrilled to be able to help her on this day.  Especially because the bride, I know her as well. I had actually done many of her family sessions through the years & have seen her kids grow up. (If you're my Facebook friend - her daughter & the first photo session I did with her is in my cover picture - that little girl is now nearing 16 years old!)  The bride is just the kindest & sweetest & just instantly makes you feel like family.  She had contacted me when she first got engaged & I just wasn't ready to dedicate taking on a wedding on my own again... when my cousin started considering wedding photography & she took on the job - it worked out so well that I could help her & still get to share in my friend's day capturing moments for her.

So that was a very long opening to say why I didnt post on Saturday.

Mainly because my alarm went off on Saturday morning at 6am & I was out the door at 7.

Such a dirty window & I couldnt use my window cleaner because it was actually below freezing & I didnt want my window frosted over with the sun shining STRAIGHT in my eyes

The wedding was a little over an hour & a half away from where I live down in Kentucky.  I was actually surprised at how much the leaves havent changed down there when we've been in glorious fall season for the past few weeks.

I met up with Jen & her hubby about half way on the trip & followed them the rest of the way & we ended up at the cutest little winery where the wedding was to be held.  

Yes please, give me an outdoor wedding in these crazy COVID times.

It was just a GORGEOUS day too. It had been cold the day before but this day warmed up just wonderfully & it felt just perfect for an outdoor celebration.

The bride had sadly just lost her step father and her father recently & we all just kept saying it was a gift her dads were sending down to her.  The day held so many emotions centered around these men & it tugged my heart deeply for her.

We did have to obviously go inside to take pics while the bride was getting ready but for most of the day, we got to spend it outdoors with fresh air.  The reception was in a barn on the winery & the front doors were open the whole time & I stood near them most of the time.

Regardless of being outdoors, alllllllll day long - this was me... masked up.  

I think I washed & sanitized my hands a few dozen times too - my skin was feeling pretty dry from all the cleaning.  It was pretty strange seeing so many people in one place though - I havent been in that kind of environment since... heck, I dont know when.  I was taking no chances though.  My mask was on from 9:30am until I left at the end of the day around 7:30pm... took it off twice to drink some water - & that was in my car.  For people that say they cant handle masks, you really do become so used to it. I honestly didnt mind it at all. I actually feel vulnerable & naked with out it out in public now.

But that picture... that's all I got from the day. LOL.  That's what happens when you're a second shooter. You dont have any of the pics of the day & the gorgeous bride or any of the beautiful scenery from your camera because Jen is the one uploading & editing them.  & you're also totally in the mindset to get pictures for the Bride & Groom, I never got any for me on my phone.  I meant to get a pic with Jen too .... another fail.

How did my ankle do? It survived.  Honestly, it did better than expected. I was slow moving & limping. At  one point, it really started hurting & swelled up a little bit - but I took Alleve with me & when I took it, it helped me make it through the rest of the day.  It was definitely stiffer Sunday morning when I woke up... but it survived!  

I even got a new badge on my Garmin for all the walking & steps in the day #weddingphotographymiles ... I EARNED that baby knowing it was on a bum ankle.  It's more than I've moved in the past 4 weeks.

How was it holding a camera again? Super fun.  I always say I enjoy taking pictures & capturing moments.  What I really enjoyed about second shooting was not having to be in charge.  It was nice to let Jen lead the way & I got to enjoy snapping away.  Jen was just AMAZING too on doing her first wedding. She took such good control over the day, directing the bridal party & putting things back on track when schedules get turned around - as they always do on wedding days.  I was super impressed. It definitely didn't appear to be her first wedding.  I cant wait to see what she does with her love of photography... & I'm totally down for a second shooter job any time.

You know after a day where you're on your feet (& jacked up ankle) all day, Sunday was basically a stay on the couch day.  The Hubs even brought me some hot tea in bed to get some healthy green tea in my system.  

I checked out some Halloween shows on Netflix, watched The Babysitters Guide to Monster Hunting- which is a really cute kid's movie if you're looking for one for the family

.... finished The Haunting of Bly Manor & caught some of the Halloween movies on Freeform, like Twitches 2 & Beetlejuice.  Such a perfect fall, lazy day.

How was your weekend?

Have you gone to a wedding during COVID season?

Do you like hot tea?

What's the best new Halloween movie/show you've watched this year?

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