Sunday, October 04, 2020

Shopping Saturday Haul

 My Saturday's are typically just staying at home, reading, cleaning, or lately, putting my ankle up.

I knew I needed to go to Sam's Club to pick up some coffee & The Hubs was all ready to go out today so we headed out & ended up with a full car coming home.  Wanna see some of the things I got?

So I cant believe I havent picked up the book in the Twilight Saga before now. I just have overlooked it I guess - but I picked it up for under $17.00 at Sam's Club & ready to tackle this 600+ page book.  Get sucked back into the world of the Cullens.

I also needed to pick up some batteries for my flash for my camera & I was so super excited to see these sanitizing wipes.  I like they say they're safe for the skin so you can use them to wipe off your hands and surfaces. These babies were being surrounded by people grabbing & throwing in their cart.  Anything sanitizing is like GOLD BABY - GOLD

Here's the main reason I wanted to go .... MY COFFEE.  The last 2 times we've  been to Sam's Club, they've been out of this kind of coffee & its my favorite.  I had to get another box & it was disgusting. Yes, I drank all 100 cups of it, but I wasn't happy about it.  I may have hugged this coffee when I put it in my basket.

Do you know Sam's Club was totally out of toilet paper & paper towel. Are we doing this again?  Really?

The Hubs had to go into Home Depot & I told him to take his time... I had a new book to read.  He took me VERY seriously because he was in there for over 30 minutes.  He actually ran into someone he knew & got to talking, but I didnt mind one bit. I was able to knock out the first chapter of the book (I'm not a slow reader - the chapters are LONG in this book)

We were both starving & I cant help it y'all... I dont know how you all eat inside of places. We cant make ourselves do it.  We have not ate in a restaurant now for 7 months!!! CRAZYYYYY.  But we knew that Culvers had a good outside area to eat at & we found out they have a new veggie burger & I wanted to give it a try.

I wasn't overly impressed. I actually like the other veggie burger they  used to carry.  But I'll never turn my nose to a veggie burger. Glad there are options are places to eat out.

We left there & decided to make a tirp to WalMart. We never go to Walmart ... but I was excited because I ended up finding some good planner stickers!

Those Teacher sticker books... CLEARANCE FOR $5.00!!!!!!!! I had to get two. & yes, I know I'm not a teacher, but this sticker  book has a LOT of things I will still use in it. Pay Bill stickers, cute little stickers with books & pens & of course those plants you see. Love it!  For $5.00.... how can I not?

Those floral stickers - I've purchased before too & love them. They make a planner page instantly beautiful.

I also bought this sweatshirt.... 

Perfect for Fall. It's so lightweight too. Its actually a "Loungewear" top but I have bought these before & they work just find wearing as a sweatshirt with jeans.  They're so comfy & I always enjoy the graphics on them.

I couldnt pass up getting some more Wick Wax Melts too. These are my FAVORITEEEEEEE!!! They smell SO GOOD!!!! I will always pick this brand to make my home smell so delicious.

The big winner of the day though was this little girl......

We found this Serta Matress dog bed at Sam's Club for under $40.00.... I would say she approves.  She needs the comfy beds for her 15 year old bones.  

... AND after all that walking, I came home to soak my ankle in some Epson salt because of course, I pushed it.  OH YEAH -I also TRIPPED over a concrete parking barrier while we were out.  Yep.  Tripped on it with my bad ankle. I just sat in the car & cried.  Ricky said he's going to get me a helmet & some padding for me.  We're convinced I'm on a klutz roll.  Has someone put a hex on me for Halloween?  WELL STOP IT PLEASE.

What did you do for Saturday?

Do any shopping lately?

Do you have a dozen dog beds around your home? Just me?

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