Monday, October 12, 2020

The weekend that I'm high fiving the meteorologist for being wrong

I cant even begin to express how beautiful this weekend & Fall has been this year. I've tried to capture pictures & videos & I just can't. You know how some things, like rainbows, or sunrises or sunsets, or flowers - they just dont capture the actual beauty of it?  That's how its been around here.  The colors, the temperatures, the breezes, the raining of leaves.... I have to believe wherever my room in God's mansion is, its going to be in an environment that is just like this fall.

If you didnt get to read my Saturday post - check it out HERE where we celebrated my 16 YEAR OLD twin nieces birthday.

How did the rest of my weekend go? ... Super lazy, super relaxing. I'll take it each & every time.

Saturday, I woke up with some big time ankle pain still. It's weird because one day, it'll feel like its healing & I'm getting better... & then the next, it's swollen again & I can't hardly bend it & I have tears at hoppling down the hallway.  I did get an orthopedic appointment in a few weeks so if its still like this, it will definitely be time to get it checked out.

I made a point to keep it up & iced & wrapped as much as possible this weekend because I know next weekend, I'm going to be standing on it all day, so trying to baby it as much as I can these few days.

I got a notice that a book I had on hold came in, so I went ahead &placed an order for some other books to make it a month pick up of reading.  Pay no mind that I just bought 4 books from Book Of the Month.  I figure with the colder days coming, I'll have lots of reading time soon ahead.

I went ahead & scheduled a Click List pick up too so if I was going to drive down to the library, I would make it really worth the drive. OF COURSE, I got a call that Click List was delayed - It's happened the last FOUR times I've ordered.  Actually, the last time I ordered, I swore that was it - never again.  But then, I'm on a mission to baby  my ankle so I didnt want to go walking around the store so I figured I'd give it another chance.  Why is it so hard for them to get things as scheduled. I know they have only so many slots each hour.  If they can't keep up with it, lower the slots.  Then, half of the things on my list, they had marked as not being stocked.... when I knew for fact they had some of these things.  It'll take another torn ankle or body part before I do Click List again.  Geez.

I was excited to stop at Starbucks too on the way home & the Hubs was pretty excited about it too - he hasn't had his Starbucks order in the longest.  But I pulled up & there were about 15 cars in line. I'm not even joking.  NOPE NOPE NOPE.  Better luck next time.

I did love the ride home though with the fall colors. Breath taking - simply breath taking.

The rest of my Saturday was just sitting outside with the ankle up & digging into my library book.
I tried this one first... DONT DO IT. This was the worst book every. It's honestly DISGUSTING. I was about a quarter into it & was like, I cant do this any longer. It's only making me sick reading it.  It was that bad. I was VERY happy to close that one & put in the RETURN pile.  Seriously - dont bother with this book.

Sunday, I woke up at 6am. I've been really in a mode where I am waking up between 5:30-6am every single day.  I think it would bother me if I was still driving into the office for work, but working from home, I dont mind getting up early to do some devotional time or watching a Netflix show before work.  That "ease into the day" feel instead of having to be rushed.  With it being the weekend, I ended turning on Hulu & watching a documentary on Scientology - which just disturbed me in so many ways.  

Then I turned  on The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix. I was a HUGE fan of The Haunting of Hill House 2 years ago. I almost just started rewatching it from the beginning because I enjoyed it so much... so I was super stoked to start watching this one.  

Is it going to take on the American Horror Story vibe & have different stories, but with some of the same actors/actresses?  I'd totally be down for that.

But I ended up watching 3 episodes before I ever got out of bed... which was around 10:30am. Talk about a lazy Sunday morning!

The forecast the past few days said that it was supposed to rain all weekend with the hurricane aftermath drifting up our way. They were so wrong.  SO wrong. I dont think we got one drop of rain - & Sunday, it was just GORGEOUS.  Beautiful skies & sunshine all day long.  It just hurt my soul to go inside on such a perfect fall day.... so more reading.

& this book - so much better than the day before!
Anyone else read The Royal We - the first book in this series?  So far, I'm enjoying this follow up!

I finished up the latest Bible Study I'd been doing the past 6 weeks.  I've been meeting with Chasity every Tuesday evening at 8pm after her kiddos are in bed so we could hold each other accountable. It's worked out so well because I just walk around her house & we sit on her back porch & she has a lovely area that is so well lit & has some nice furniture - & we wrap up in blankets & break out the Bibles & our study & have just had some of the best discussions.  It helps too that Ryan should be a barista.  He is the ONLY person I know who can make a coffee for me & its perfect. Every time!  I dont know how he does it... but on these cool nights sitting outside, the hot coffee just makes the night perfect.

So much of this study has been just perfect timing for what our country has been going through with tensions  & political climate. I'm so thankful to have done this study with someone that we can have great honest talks with.

I'm going to be super sad today though that I dont have a bible study ready to dig into.  I have my devotions & that will keep me focused but I really love bible studies that are just so powerful in opening your eyes & heart to verses you've read a dozen times before.

We just ended the weekend by going over to take care of the horses & seeing mom for a little bit. & again... just look at that sky.  

So how was your weekend?

What are you watching on Netflix right now?

What's your favorite Bible Study you've done lately?

Please tell me you got some of the magical fall days!

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