Thursday, October 08, 2020

October Birthdays are still rolling

 I think every family has one month out of the year that is birthday loaded.  Those months that are jam packed with birthday after birthday, day after day, week after week.  October is that month for us.

We kicked off October 1st with my mom's birthday... & this past weekend, there was another birthday.  

This little baby....

Goodness gracious - 13 years ago, I looked YOUNG.
Time has not been kind to me.

I love he had red hair for like 104 hours of his life.  Seriously - it was so red & pretty & then BLINK... turned into a blondie.

He turned 13!  Our first grandson.  A teenager. I can't believe it.  I remember getting the phone call when Julie was in Texas & went into labor SUPER EARLY & Isaac was in the NICU hooked up to tons of machines & a scary experience for first time parents.

Now, - a scary experience for these same parents as they venture into the world of TEENAGERS! Those first kiddos make all the experiences of firsts so fun, dont they?

Where does the time go???

& then yesterday, it was our Ernie's birthday.

Yes, we celebrate our dogs birthdays.  We're those people. 
No shame in it & my dogs are super happy about it.  

This is the day we brought Ernie home... which was in November, but still, our first picture of this cute little fluff ball.

He has been such a personality in our home & brings so much joy to us.

& 3 years in dog years is what... 21 years? 

Nope - I'll take him as a teenager still too because he's always in something & has ATTITUDE! 

Sassy little boy.

He's our home watcher & protector, frisbee catcher - the friendliest dog to everyone that Ricky & I deem "safe"- a true daddy's boy.  He's just the best baby.  I mean, ALL our babies are just the best.  

Time keeps on ticking... & I'm happy & thankful for every single one of these birthdays ...

... & stay tuned...we have more coming up Friday.

What month is your "Birthday overload" month?

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