Tuesday, October 20, 2020

It's all just a bunch of Hocus Pocus

 Did anyone else see this picture & get a little excited?

So fun to see the Sanderson Sisters together.

I understand its something that they're doing for a charity event virtually.  But you know this just sparks all the talk about a new movie.

I REALLLLLY hope if they do a new movie, its not based on the book that is out ...

I tried to enjoy it - I WANTED to enjoy it... I didnt even make it half way & I had to just give it up. It didnt have the same magic to me as the movie. To me, it was more about making statements & making it SO modern, & the book is supposed to be geared toward ages 8-13 & I remember thinking I would be very upset if my 8 year old was reading this book about sexuality.  

I'm probably not in the majority on my thoughts on the book because I see it has good reviews on all the main book review places.  Wouldnt be the first time I didnt agree with the masses on a book.  Though, I do see I'm not alone in my opinions of it either.

& who knows... maybe if I saw it on a screen & saw the Sanderson's on their brooms & vacuum, I'd be all into it.  I'd totally check it out first before taking my child to see it

I'm just hopeful if they ever do make a new one, they'll just come up with a whole new story line.

& if they dont... there's always the Hocus Pocus movie marathons all October long.  The one time a year the phrase "Amuck Amuck Amuck" gets stuck in my head.

Just for fun... here's some cute Hocus Pocus things I found on Etsy

Face mask!!! 

LOL!!! They make them with each of the Sister's faces!!!


I think I could wear a Hocus Pocus tee all year long!


A Billy Pillow!!!

I always love things with characters you dont see often!



Arent they so cute on here?

I mean, I didnt mean to turn this into a Friday Favorite or anything
Nothing is affiliated ... I just think its so fun for the season.
Who knew this would become such a staple of Halloween....

Do you like the movie?

Have you read the sequel book?

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