Wednesday, October 07, 2020

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This may be all in my head, but I feel like it works.  
Essential oils that you rub behind your ear when vertigo hits... it does seem to calm it down a little bit

My hair has been HORRIBLY dry lately & I read where this tends to work well.
I actually love the way it's working on my hair.
I was looking for the shampoo but Amazon was out - so I am going ahead & trying the conditioner & will keep an eye out for the match.

I am not even joking when I say I have 4 of these  & yep... bought another one.  
They go on sale & I'll snag them up when they're around $8.00.
Honest to goodness - these are the BEST cups on keeping things cold.  I'll put ice in them at the end of the night to put next to my bed (Thanks hot flashes) & ice will still be in there in the morning.
It's also supposed to work for hot - but I'm usually more concerned for cold drinks.

I've been using them for iced coffee mixed together with Premiere Protein for my "after work out lunch" & it fits perfectly.

I have been wanting this Revlon Hair Dryer & Volumizing Air Brush for the LONGEST time.
I actually happened to be on one day & saw it was marked down nearly $10.00 & the confetti canons went off -Time to snag it up.
I hear so many people talk about this & how well it works, so I ready to give it a try on my hair.
It surprises me how well it works. Does it keep me totally frizz free? Nope... but nothing does.
It'll be nice  to use though in turns with my straightener.

These are so nice!
You put these on top of 4x4 poles & you have an instant solar light.  
They work really well too. They brighten up when people walk by with a motion detector & then are just a nice dim light after 15 seconds. I'm really impressed with these.

What's some Fun things you've gotten lately from Amazon?

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