Tuesday, October 06, 2020

One Sentence a Day {September 2020}

 Knit By God's Hand: One Sentence a Day - September 2019

Because I had already had it set to go before Blogtober... & hey, its a post.
Let's look back at September.... 
Which this makes me kinda sad my One Second a Day is gone when I see this....I have to catch myself on some days when I'm like - I gotta record something. It has a been a little nice to have one less thing on my daily list to do.  I do still enjoy doing this though.

My plan all along & why I started this was because I enjoy looking back at the end of the year & seeing how my hear wend. Funny what one sentence brings back in memories.

Here we go...  September

1 - Tues /  September 1 is my cue to pull out my fall decorations #myfavorite

2 - Wed /  I got way too excited about the cast reveal of Dancing with the Stars #alotofgooddancers #CAROLBASKIN!!!!

3 - Thurs /  I started out thinking Cobra Kai was the corniest show ever & now am obsessed with it #PoorJohny

Briefs: 'Cobra Kai' tops on Netflix, The Rock's COVID-19 experience, Rashad  Richey's new appointment

4 - Fri / Finally went to the doctor to get some issues I've been having for awhile checked out. #nowIwait

5 - Sat / I made a trip to the library while the Hubs had to work on the weekend & then the reading was ON #bookhaul

6 - Sun / I honestly never tire of Topp't's salads #StillTOGOforus

7 - Mon / Made sure to use Labor Day to get to the grocery early before the crowds rolled in #readtherestoftheday

8 - Tues / Excited to start off a Beth Moore study with my precious friend #andtoseeherface!!!! #fromasocialdistance

9 - Wed / Anxious for my niece who is having her first surgery today #tenniswreckedhershoulder

10 - Thurs / Its September, so tell me why it still feels like July #SOHOT

11 - Fri / Still..... 19 years later..... we will never forget #Sept11

12 - Sat / I got a new phone after 6 years! #carryingitlikeachinadoll

13 - Sun / My new curtains are hung in the bedroom & I am LOVING them! #ifeelfancy

14 - Mon /  UPS is just a big bunch of FAIL lately with my work deliveries #takingthescenicroute

15 - Tues /  Another great night of conversation in our Bible Study about people dividing but God going with them, fullyb blessing their journey #Entrusted

16- - Wed / My gracefulness took me to a new level & left me in the middle of the road & in Urgent care with a messed up ankle, knee & shoulder. #HURTSOBAD

17 - Thurs /  I cant even begin to say how sore my whole body is. #cantraisearmup

18 - Fri /  I was devastated to hear the news of the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg #legacy

Click Pic for link to purchase print

19 - Sat /  Took advantage of the fall weather & the need to keep my foot propped up to sit outside & read two books! #gorgeousday #wishIcouldgoforawalk

20 - Sun /  Another day of doing nothing but sitting outside & reading #LOVINGIT

21 - Mon /  I was so disappointed when I was waiting ALL day for Dancing with the Stars & found out Monday Night Football pushes it back a day #GivemetheGlitter

22 - Tues /  I had to get up super early to drink contrast at 7am for a CT Scan #notabreakfastofchampions

23 - Wed /  The verdict came back for Breonna Taylor #PrayingforLouisville

24 - Thurs / All my results came back from my CT Scan & got the all clear that everything looks OK #WHEW

25 - Fri / I have gone & got myself hooked on the new Charmed TV show #surprisinglyloveit

26 - Sat /  Finally got my chalkboard ready for Fall #lovelettering

27 - Sun /  I was sitting outside reading & it was like something out of a movie set with the leaves falling all around me #perfectday

28 - Mon /  My foot is taking on a whole new swelling in front of the ankle & on the side of the foot. #hurtssobad

29 - Tues /  First Presidential Debate of 2020 #YIKESSSSSSSS

30 - Wed /  It is officially cardigan season #makesmyhearthappy

Goodbye September.... another month behind us.

Tell me your best memory of September!

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