Thursday, October 01, 2020

When even Professor Snape is the enemy


Hello October! 

& Hello Day 1 Blogtober!!!

First of all - thank you ALL for your comments about me trying out a new format for October of just plain blogging. You were just so encouraging & I felt all the good vibes with each word of support & understanding. Y'all are just the best!

Kicking off day 1 though, I gotta start off with a BIG OLE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOMMA!!!!

I love this picture of my mom
... she's in the hospital getting ready to give birth to big old 10.5 oz me 

 Yep, today is her day.  Excited to have some birthday cake with her later today & some dinner - totally take out because I aint about to go in a restaurant... still... & its just gonna be too chilly to sit outside to eat. To think that this time last year, we were in a heat wave & our temps were in the high 90's. YUCK.  I'm sure I was super grumpy this time last year.  But hopefully we'll have some birthday pictures for tomorrow!

What did my Wednesday look like... basically like most of the country. Trying to wrap my head on what I watched the night before with the Presidential debate. 

HOLY COW... what a mess.  I dont speak about politics here a lot because I know everyone has the right to pick a side & that's OK (even if you're wrong - KIDDING) But I just dont get the bullying & the aggressiveness. I think you can look strong in your thoughts & take charge of a debate without just being plain rude & basically, disgusting. 

I was nearly ready to crawl in a corner by the end of it - but it was like a car crash, I couldn't look away.  At the end of it, I honestly couldn't even go to bed because I felt like I had just watched some horrific scene & my nerves were all fired up.  I had to turn on some YouTube & watch some Planner videos (because that's an incredible calming thing - move over ASMR) & just sort of drift off with hopes I wouldn't have nightmares of Chris Wallace yelling at me.

I did find it pretty funny that in my Bible Study that I'm doing & the workbook for the day (Entrusted by Beth Moore)  - it was all about 2 Tim 2:23-24

Dont have anything to do with foolish & stupid arguments because you know they produce quarrels   And the Lord's servant must NOT be quarrelsome but must be KIND TO EVERYONE, able to teach , not resentful.

ummmm... can I get that on a poster board & stand outside every political debate please?

Heck, can I get that on a poster board & stand outside of every public place in American please?

The kicker for me on debate night.... I reposted this because come on - if you weren't on Twitter on debate night, were you REALLY watching the debate? 

Funny - honest - has some truth to it... but it was light hearted & I enjoy some chuckles when I feel like the world is falling apart. 

And then someone replies back to me with this tweet....


& I'm not here to shame anyone so protecting the innocent by blocking the name...


This is the world we live in.  
Not only is the country divided, but now, muggles have turned on the wizards. We're all doomed.

Did you survive watch the debate?

Do you enjoy Twitter when watching TV?


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