Monday, April 06, 2009

Dancing with the Stars!!!

We had a dreaded Double elimination last week... but it was two people who could have gone - so no tears shed yet...
OH NO - tonight's the Paso???? I always love that - the passion, the drama - the capes - I'll never forget Mel B's - or Kristi & Mark - or even Sabrina & Mark.... Oh, time to stop reminiscing because its Monday.... & we're LLLLIIIVVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I say before I even get started... seeing Ty in the outfit for the Paso... I'm scared for him! Seeing Melissa in the outfit for the Paso - & Tony's scruffy beard... I'm excited! Seeing Gilles in garb for the Paso... I'm even more excited.... let's get this dance floor open!

#1 - Chuck & Julianne....glad to even see them there after the videos I saw online of Julianne winning at the CMT awards. I'm an admitted non-Country fan but was excited to hear she won! But they made time to dance & Julianne is pushing him in practice. It scares me when she tells him "When you made fun of it - that's the way it should be".... so here they go with the Waltz. Julianne in all pink looks like a Barbie & just beautiful. Chuck must have took notes because he is being very dramatic with swinging arms & all in all, I think this is the first time I have ever enjoyed his dance. I just see them doing something like this at their wedding... and as I think that - what just happened - a bended Knee!!! Is that a throw back to Boyz II Men there last week?
Anyways - Bruno & Len really liked it... Carrie Ann - not so much... arguing already ensuing - but I can see her point - she said it should be coming together & its not. I appreciate that. But I'm sure Carrie Ann doesn't appreciate the evil eye from Julianne! One thing I know about country music - she will be standing by her man!.......Scores 7,8,8
#2 - Lawrence Taylor & Edyta- I'll say from the beginning - we see this man is all about working! He doesnt give up - but we learn that he needs words to music to "feel the rythym"... OK, I thought a beat in the music is what you felt - but if he needs words, who am I to mess with a football star?
And once again, Edyta comes out in clothing that I'm scared to death is not going to stay in place! How did that skirt not fly over her head, especially when Lawrence was tossing her around the floor? I think I get too busy watching her clothing, praying no mishaps are going to happen that I missed the dance.
And honestly, I must have missed the dance because it didnt WOW me... Len said it was his best dance so far. I dont know if that's saying alot. But he definitately has incentive to win when his friends tell him if he doesn't - he has to give a lap dance? Did I just hear that right? What kind of friends are those?............Scores 6,7,7
#3 - Shawn & Mark. During practice, you can just see the natural talent in this girl - her grace & her strength, but she holds herself to the status of Kristi - but I see her able to do it.
They are dancing the waltz.... I have no notes.... I just sat & watched it & smiled & even want to tear up... I'm corny like that - but it was just sweet. She floated in that white dress, Mark was so cute in his little old fashioned shoes (yes, I look at their shoes) - & it was like something you'd see in a fairy tale! I personally think its a perfect score!
But then Len has to go bust my bubble with talk of heels? Seriously? You'll give someone else a 9 for TRYING or the SPIRIT of the dance - & you want to get on her because her heel was up? That's what makes me bring out an angry side to the judges & want to punch them........ Scores 9,8,9..... I still say she deserved a 10!!!!
#4 Melissa & Tony... I'll give them a 10 without even seeing it... no -I'm joking! I'm a fair person.
So we see she is a person who cant keep a straight or mean face! I know how to give her a straight face... bring that dorky Bachelor in & have him sit there! I saw a mad face when he broke up with her on National TV... jerk!.... yeah, she had anger & a face then! But I guess ABC doesnt want to bring up harsh memories!
The dance is beautiful - this girl is just talented. I have to say, I'm distracted by the heart on Tony's vest... a heart? He's supposed to be a strong matador... a heart? Oh well...
WAIT>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> is that Melissa's parents? The ones who wouldnt appear on the Bachelor? I think I gasped!!! .......... Score 8,8,9
They keep talking of blunders she made... I have to rewind - I didnt even see it... guess that's why I'm not a judge!
#5 - David & Kim. David is going to go for it - waltz his way to the top this week! We see his determination & he wants to really show he can do it! The thing I dont get, he is such a funny person - then why is he always making such a mean, mad face?
The dance was good - probably not my favorite. I feel like Kim knows he can kick now, so lets add in lots of kicks - kicks for everyone - kicks all around! Who knew men were supposed to kick so much in a waltz? Nope - not working. But Len liked it so that's positive. Come on David - I'm still rooting for you! And he was even fun enough to sing a song for Samantha - Bring the happiness David!..... Scores 7,8,7
#6 Gilles & Cheryl. We are getting a recap of last week. Can I tell you - I think I You Tubed that dance & watched it DAILY! That was the best dance... I still love seeing it! Definitely a perfect 30!!
We are starting the dance off with no shirt? REALLY? Cheryl knows how to get the crowd started! But OH MY GOODNESS.... Seriously? This is going to be another dance I will watch over & over this week!!! The foot work was crazy - the intensity - everything about it was insane! And in the end, Carrie Ann & Bruno were standing in applause? I dont know if I have ever seen that!
And all you can hear is the ROAR of the crowd!! Seriously - ROARING... I love to see Gilles wife just beaming from the audience too! So sweet!
But Len had to be the sour puss of the evening & I think Tom hit it on the head when he used the words "Pec Envy".... I love Tom! Scores 10, 9, 10!!!! This guy..... wow!
#7 - Steve O & Lacy. The first thing that comes to mind is the song "You gotta have friends" as we see Johny Knoxville, Wee-man & someone else (& is Wee-man even right? - sorry - I'm not a fan).... but Johny put it right - Steve is a winner because he would be dead on the path he was on! So Kudos for friends bringing up the mood & being supportive!
Can I say how pretty Lacy looks tonight. I totally would wear that dress! That purple with the ribbon - she just looked so pretty! And the dance was very sweet & cute. Its like Len said, "dont take this too far, but its the best dance yet"....
But can I also say that was a very awkward moment when the camera went to Wee-Man in the audience & the little girl behind him was just staring at him? Anyone else notice that?
Scores 6,6,6... & they are so excited... the highest he's gotten yet! If he goes home this week - he can go with his head held on on this one!
#8 Ty & Chelsea. Like I said from the beginning - I'm scared for him! He's excited about it though knowing he's used to bulls. I dont think he understands it different from RIDING a bull to acting like you're dancing around one! But he loves its a "man dance"... & yes, a man dance it was - but maybe not that man's dance! I have to admit - I expected a lot & I mean ALOT worse - but it wasnt fantastic! How do you follow up a Paso after Gilles just did what he did? The judges are right - he was thinking the whole time & you could tell!
I just want to know, if Chelsea knew she was going to go to Ty's Bull Ranch - why did she wear a short sweater dress & fancy pretty cowboy boots? Anyways... the scores - 7,7,7
#9 - Kim & Derek. We get to see Lil' Kim in her element... & is it me - or does she look a little bit like LaToya Jackson before she went totally nuts with the plastic surgery? Something about her - I think Kim is beautiful though! I knew she would do well at the waltz - she is very elegant anyways. And its left me wanting to tie a piece of material on my wrist so I can fling it around during the day & be elegant & beautiful myself!
I have to ask though - what the heck is a Budda board? I'm not sure I want to know...maybe its a prison thing? I'll stick with material flowing on the wrist for relaxing!
And before the scores, can I say - I honestly think me & Bruno would be best friends! I love the dramatic way about him - how everything is said with arms swooping & flying & swishing... he makes me smile!
OK - scores...9,8,9
And thats the end of the night!!! Another great night of dancing. Some great stuff! Who was your favorite? Can Gilles do no wrong? Who is the most smiliest - Melissa or Shawn? Will Len get over his heel fetish? And who do you think is going home?
I'm off to find my material for my wrist now! Happy Dancing Folks!


  1. I love that you do this while you're watching!! It's so fun to read your opinion. Gilles was amazing (of course) and I also thought Shawn deserved better scores--she was fantastic!! I didn't get to catch the last 30 minutes, so I'll have to watch them online this week. It's such a good show!

  2. I have to admit, I don't watch Dancing with the Stars but I love to read your recap! I do enjoy keeping up with it and seeing who gets kicked off and stuff, but for some reason, I can't make it through an episode. LOVE your posts about it though!!! :)

  3. I'm excited when Dancing with the stars will be over with! 8-)

  4. shut up Joe!!! I am like you Melissa is my fav! I don't even have to see her dance to say she is the best. I guess I just feel bad for her and want her to win so she can rub it in that stupid boys face!

  5. Ok...your comments are hysterical!!!

    My favorite...Gilles and Cheryl. Hot, hot, hot! His wife was so cute too...watching from the sidelines. Lucky lady!

    My next favorite were, surprisingly, Steve O and Lacy. It was such a gentle, sweet dance...very uncharacteristic for Lacy, who likes to push the envelope.

    I do not care for Lil Kim...just not my favorite at all...oh well. But, I would dance with Derek any day!

    I rooted hard for Ty and hope he gets to stay. He's such a sweetheart!

    Ok...those are my quick thoughts before I have to run.

  6. Ok, I needed that update. I haven't been able to watch this season at all, except for the one where Denise Richards got kicked off. Thank God!

  7. Rebecca,
    DWTS night ~~ YAY!!! So much fun!!

    I heart Shawn and Mark and Gilles and Cheryl ~~ YAY!!

    Have a Blessed Tuesday,

  8. Time for Steve O to go home. He did pretty good last night. Considering all of his other dances!

  9. Not to parrot The Schroeder's, but I also have to admit, I don't watch the show faithfully - haven't since Emmitt, although, how I loved him. But, I do still want to keep up with it and I love your commentary. :)

  10. I can't believe Steve O didn't go home last night! Ugh!

    Thanks for stopping by and entering my first giveaway. I grabbed your button too!

  11. So fun to read your perspective as you're watching / writing. =)

    I love Chuck & Julianne, Shawn & Mark, Cheryl & Gilles, Melissa & Tony. I do like Ty & Chelsea too.

    I already saw the elimination show so I know who went home. I guess David went off on Carrie Ann on Samantha's "behind the scenes" cam, or whatever they're calling it. Wowzers!


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