Friday, April 03, 2009

Worship like the NBA?

After my previous post about our "TEAM JESUS" party... I found this video...

Hope you get a kick out of it like I did.... you gotta look at the scores that come across the bottom too.... very funny! Happy Friday everyone!


  1. That is GREAT! we'll have to use that one at church!

  2. Excellent, Rebecca...thanks for the smile!

  3. That is funny and great at the same time. Thanks!

  4. Love It!! Made me laugh... smile... and wonder... do you think that the angels in heaven give a play by play of our services??? Now THAT would be funny!

  5. This was so GREAT ~~ and I am so Maggie!!! I get into my worship!!

    This was so fun on a Friday.

    Have a Blessed day,

    PS Be sure and check out my blog today I have a shout out to you over there (RJ) love you girl!!!

  6. Heeheehee...that was cute!

  7. i love your blogs, rebecca. they always make me smile.

  8. I missed my Jo Jo.... That's my new nickname for you, haha!!!! :O)

  9. I loved this! I sent it to Luke in case he would ever need to use it for anything at church!

  10. I thought this video was great! I love the NBA so I enjoyed this very much. It does make you think, right? I happen to be able to have a place in my life for both the NBA and worship, but many are not so lucky. Thanks for the video!


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