Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Demon: a Memoir

So I just finished this book a few days ago. I have to say - it really shook me up! Its weird because when I started it, I wasn't into it at all - then it took a turn & it drew me in ... then it just left me disturbed.

I would really compare it to Frank Peretti's "This Present Darkness" or I have seen it compared to C.S. Lewis "The Screwtape Letters"... but it really does make you think about the Spiritual Battles that go around us.

The book is about a demon named Lucian who finds a book publisher & wants to tell him his story - his memoir. It is a Biblically based book with references in the back where the ideas came from for these demon "rememberances" of his life.

The first thing though that knocked me off my feet was the idea of Lucifer & his fall. How we dont really think of him falling before man was created. But how long had it been since he was thrown out of the God's prescence? How long did he sit & stew & plot & hate before man was even created?

And then when man was created - Lucifer & the fallen ones saw something they had never seen before - GRACE! How they must have hated that even more - that God loves us enough to be merciful, even when we fail over & over.

Here's an example of what Lucian says when he sees someone accept this grace & mercy of Jesus:

"I'll never forget the first human I watched receive it, this gift. Before my very eyes, he changed from a shattered thing of darkness, like a mirror reflecting nothing but shadows no matter which way its fractured surface turned, into something whole, reflecting El's radiance, so that I had to - could not help but - turn away. On the outside he was still flawed. But the soul inside had come ALIVE, as though all defects had been erased"

The view of things through another perspective is wild!

And while you do read some insightful things - as the creation of man - or the birth of Jesus - or the crucifixtion of Christ & how the demons knew what was happening when man did not... there are some views that seem to be truthful - but sometimes the truth hurts:

"I see more judgement from churchgoers than anyone. In fact, I have a theory. I think they secretly delight in the shortfall of others. It relieves the pressure of having to be so holy. For a body of people who have received so much grace, they exhibit a stingy amount in return"

OUCH! But truth....

And Lucian talks about how he gets so tired of people of asking "Why do bad things happen to good people? His response "There are no good people"

A demon - who does not understand grace!

This book also shows the trickery, the scheming, the harmful & hurtful ways that demons work in todays time... & that's what shook me up! Because again, there is a bit of truth in it.

The more I think about this book now, the more I feel like its really opened up my eyes to new things. I know it is a book that will stick with me for a long time....


  1. This book seems very interesting! I will have to tell my hubby about it. I think it might be too much for me. I couldn't handle The Screwtape Letters!

  2. Wow, Rebecca, I'll have to check that out!

  3. Hum, I'd probably be scared poopless!!!! That's just me though.

  4. do you recommend this book??

  5. It seems very interesting. Can't wait to borrow it from you!

    And yeah - I'm sure it will open my eyes to a new perspective as well.

  6. Just curious, is the book based on a certain religion?

  7. I have heard countless answers to the age old question "why do bad things happen to good people", but I have never heard the response "there are no good people". That is so simplistic, but at the same time so very true and full of meaning. Thanks for that.

  8. are not going to believe this, but all this time, I have had troubles finding your blog. Everytime I clicked on your little ol' name, I would get an error message.


    Now I have to say, this book has my interest. I will have to check it out. : )

  9. Ohhhhh...I love the review!!! Thank you so much!

    I loved reading Frank Peretti's series of books that you referred to. I remember a scene from, perhaps, the second book where one of the main characters...a female...finally accepts God's grace and acknowledges her need for Him.

    The picture Peretti painted was beautiful! He described a scene of angels surrounding her and celebrating...unbeknownst to her, as she was on her knees in tears.

    I can only imagine how heaven rejoices as one of the lost returns to the fold, just as Satan sighs in disgust at the loss of another.

  10. Wow..I need to check this out! I hope I don't get scared..Julie

  11. Thankyou for wishing me a Happy Anniversary!

    Wow- that looks like a good book that will really put a spin on things and make you think. It sounds scary though!

  12. As soon as I finish my pile of books I will order this one. It sounds scary and thought provoking.
    Thanks for recommending it.

    Stop by my blog....I have an award for you.

  13. RJ,
    Is this a new book that is out? I've never heard of it. I have read Frank Peretti (seriously creepy) and CS Lewis, The Screwtape Letters (One of my fav's), but have never heard of this one.

    Something to think about.

    Love ya girl,

  14. Very interesting, love the review my dear. You're so super about your writing and do a wonderful job making us want to be a part of it all.

    Love ya girl!

    P.S. I love glasses with bling, can't do the contracts anymore kill my eyes. I know you'll look sassy with some cute glasses :)

  15. Oh, I def. want to read this! This Present Darkness was one of my favorite books ever. It did freak me out, but in a good, can't-put-it-down type way.

  16. I'm not going to lie it sounds way creepy and it would keep me up at night. I'm not afraid of Lucian, I would punch Lucian square in the face... with the bible.

  17. Wow, sounds fascinating...and creepy...I'm going to have to read it some time. (I've got a mountain of books waiting to be read right now. lol)


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