Saturday, April 11, 2009


Its 4:00 pm.....I've lost all sense of time! Why? We had another Youth Lock in!!! And dude..(see, been around the kids too long!) - there were 45 people there! It was awesome!

But as you can see - I'm bright eyed & bushy tail as I get ready to venture into Lock In World! Got my car full of Diet Big Red, caffeine overload - check!

We watched "The Passion of the Christ" at 11:00 pm in the sanctuary... still breaks me every time I watch it...& its like my mom always says, "I've read the book - I know how it goes"... but dang, its hard to watch. I know of at least 4 girls - it was their first time seeing it. Very impacting.

Then the rest of the night is filled with laughter, pizza, games...anything you can think of. Even me eating a hair ball... yes, that's what that is in front of my mouth! And of course, knitting! That's what's in my hand... everyone just expects me to have yarn & needles at these things - who wouldnt? is my question!

We even had an Easter Egg Hunt at 6 am... these kids were PUMPED when they heard there were 50 bucks in one special egg.... talk about chaos... And then someone found the egg - only to have pictures of a BUCK (aka the deer) - 50 of them to be exact... they took the joke pretty well!

And yes, I once again made it through the night...wasnt even really tired until I stepped into the door, which was at 9:00 am!!!! SURVIVED!

Ricky was so good - he had me lay down, took my cell phone away so it wouldnt wake me up - & let me sneak in a 5 hr nap!!!

Ahh - the face of a Lock In Youth Leader.... pretty - huh?


  1. Oh you brave brave girl! Oh my gosh, it would take me a whole week to recover from staying up all night anymore! LOL
    What a fun time you had, be honest now, how much knitting did you actually get in?

  2. You look adorable, sans sleep and all!! :) You are such an amazing role model!

  3. I remember Youth Lock-Ins! I always had such a great time :-) I'll bet all of those kids (and parents) really appreciate you being there!

  4. you are a very brave woman....but it looks like you had lots of fun. Did you get your nap? Thats so cool your got to show "Passion of the Christ" to the kids. Im sure that made a big impact. I have always wanted to see that of these days I will.

  5. You are cute as can be...and I love how you have such a passion for the youth. We need more people like you. I am WAY impressed that you can stay up all night!!! Have a blessed Easter tomorrow!

  6. Girl, I don't know how you do it! By 10:00 at night I am of no value to anyone!

    I love your passion for the Youth! I know that you must be such an awesome leader!

    I hope that you and your family have a wonderful Easter celebrating our risen Lord!!!

  7. You must be exhausted. Kids run on energy that is unseen and unstoppable. Did you have to rely on the caffeine to stay awake?

  8. I'm laughing so hard over the buck! That is great, I could just see the faces ... LOL

    You look amazing my dear such a brave soul, I have hard enough time with the three boys all weekend with just me. Yup you're amazing! Love the pics. Whatcha knitting, love the colors!

  9. Oh wow! Sounds like quite the night! And you look exhausted! So glad you got a nice nap in. ;0)

    Yeah...The Passion...that's a hard one to watch for sure!

  10. Sounds like it was an awesome night! I'm impressed you could stay up for the whole thing--there's no way I'd be able to!

  11. You're a brave woman, but I will agree it looks fun. Happy Easter!

  12. The face of a brave warrior!! You are truly amazing. I know you made a memory with all those kids.

    Have a wonderful Easter.

  13. LOL, girly you are BRAVE!! I think you look GREAT! Those kinds of things are fun!

    Happy Easter to you!

  14. I remember lock ins! They were so fun!! I don't know if I could do it now that I am OLD! LoL!!!

    Oh I am excited to tell you I've been knitting!! I finished my first scarf and I've been practicing how to purl! I'll share it on my blog sometime soon!

  15. So much fun and what a blessing to be with those youngins! I don't think I could have survived. LOL!
    Happy Easter to you my dear.

  16. Gosh-you have way too much fun!!!!

  17. The last picture of you is priceless.

    Glad you (and they) had a good time.

    Making a difference in kids' lives means spending a LOT of time with them...something you have a passion for.

    They are blessed to have you in their lives.


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