Monday, April 13, 2009

Prom, Legwarmers & Nose Picking?

I've had a long, hard day of spreadsheets & numbers... the Accounting World at its best.... So I'm excited that its Monday & its LLLIIIVVVEEEEE!!!!!!!
We get to see a flash back of David Allen Grier... oh DAG - how I love your humor off the show. How your grumpy gus face didnt seem to work here... Oh DAG - I will miss you! But tonight, we see we get the Jive & the RUMBA... with Steve O fogging up the glass as he says it... ewww!!! So I am foreseeing lots of fun spins & take back to the 60's... & alot of sexiness with the Rumba - or at least, some "trying to bring Sexy Back" - most people aren't all that good at the Rumba - but its always fun to watch. I'm just wondering if Gilles is going to be doing that dance.... hopefully not - the women of American can't handle anymore!!! Let's get started!
#1 - Ty, the cowboy is up first & he is doing the Jive. I'm not foreseeing a good dance just because you have to be pretty loose. I am quite surprised that he does the WAVE pretty good though - & who knew that bull riders could hoola hoop so well. I guess you need hip action to stay on a bull while it twists? Who knows - a cowgirl - I am not!
The dance just confused me... does the jive got country in it? It was too much country line dancing & Chelsea dancing solo.... I honestly didnt even notice Ty being there until half way done... & then I thought, "OH NO" when I did see him. I'm seeing flashbacks of the first week with the timing off & just looks of confusion..... Poor sweet cowboy! Unfortunately, my prediction was right... not at all his calling. Scores = 6,6,6 ..... I will give a 10 to Chelsea though for doing some pretty dang good kick work in chunky boots! YEE-HAW!!!

#2 = Shawn - & she's up doing the Rumba. The giggles already start when she's told she has to be sensual. What does a 17 yr old know about being sensual? Heck - I'm 37 & I don't get it either! I think it has something to do with a good dinner? And you all know I don't cook!
Anyways - we see Mark trying to get her to slap her thighs & she cant even do that without giggling - so what's a guy to do? Create a prom - the perfect high school musical atmosphere for her. It really was adorable to see him in the tux surprising her. Tony D - you have to watch out - Mark is slowly knocking you out as my favorite dude dancer!!!
I thought it was the sweetest dance! She didn't giggle once - she spun, wrapped herself around him & stared gazingly (is that a word) in Mark's eyes... but as noted - it was AGE APPROPRIATE! We gotta remember folks - she's 17! For that alone - the girl deserved 10's in my book! But alas - the scores - 8,9,9 ..... I think Carrie Ann was just upset she didn't get her own personal prom from Mark! ... I don't remember sheer guy's shirts at prom though....
#3 - Lawrence aka last week's Bottom Two member! Who knew the jive contained so much cursing? The pressure is getting to the man! And you'd think a football player could handle a kicking dance.... what does a big burly, football player man need... his dancing buddy! ITS WARREN SAPP!!! I LOVED that dude last year! But he seems to be bringing some pep back to Lawrence.
And even better - we get LEG WARMERS!!! Only Edyta can pull them off... I gotta go to my 80's drawer & pull mine out just to honor this dance!
But WHAT???? I thought it was horrible... I didn't even really see him "kick" & didn't really even think he moved that well & the judges are lavishing praises that this is his best dance? Why does my blood boil over these judges sometimes? Everyone is clapping with their response - I'd the the only lone boo'er here... I dont get it... I thought it was awful... these scores are going to make me rip my leg warmers off!! Scores - 7, 7, 8......WHAT - an 8???? I'm even going to go pop a football too in protest!
#4 Melissa & my lovely Tony D!!! She is reminded again what the dance is about & dang it if he just didn't take the knife & twist it in her when he tells her to place her hands like there is a 10 carat diamond on which she just stares & says "but its empty"... poor Melissa... Mark totally scores one for prom while Tony brings back painful memories!
But Tony tries to redeem himself by wearing a rainbow sherbet sheer shirt - dont know how since that's a hideous shirt, but hey, its Dancing with the Stars & sometimes, we get these sort of costumes!
Melissa was beautiful - so elegant, very romantic - I just hoped Jason aka, the jerky Bachelor was watching & missed her... JERK!
I hate the judges critique her for being Balletic... who knew THAT was a word! But hello - she did ballet! What do you expect? I see next week's segment already trying to break her of that!
Scores - 9,9,9 - well deserved - if alone, for doing the splits standing on your own - ouch!
#5 - Latoya Jackson... I mean Lil' Kim & Derek. They are getting the Jive & from the costumes, we can already tell the theme & the way this is going to go. Anyone else find it funny Lil' Kim is the cop & she just got out of jail not too long ago... oh, the dancing irony!
While the dance was full of fun & cuteness & show... I didn't really care for it like the judges - with Carrie Ann throwing her diamond bracelet around! I thought Kim looked like she was tripping over herself & missing a few steps even! I must be getting old & grumpy because I agree with Len - what they did was good for show, but as the dance - not so much....
And what happened that Tom had to stand in front of her... the fun of LLLLIIIVVEEE tv I guess.
Scores = 10, 8, 10 - two 10's???? WHAT??? And they didn't give Shawn a 10? I'd go throw my Lil' Kim CD's away in protest - if I had any!
#6 - Steve O & Lacy - Rumba is calling their name & sexiness to Steve O is picking his nose, passing some gas, & scratching his butt... I have a feeling this is what 90% of the women in America get to see as their sexy partners... not my husband though! He's going to put on his rainbow sherbet shirt right now!!
Anyways - can I say, I love my dogs too, but for that to be my inspiration for a sensual dance? That was a little strange to me. But I will agree with Carrie Ann - it was mesmerizing to watch - & I think I just understand why - because I think girls just like PJ's... I kept looking at Lacy thinking, I wonder what store carries those cute girl boxers!
Scores = 7,4,5 .... yep - it was the PJ's talking to Carrie Ann
#7 - Gilles.... he doesn't get a "sexy" dance, but a fun one.. & he's still in leather... weird! But the jive has turned from country to now ROCK...but we did get to see how fast this man's legs can work on the soccer field - & Cheryl's reaction as he got so excited about his goal was hilarious - the look of "HUH?" - its the sport of the sexy Italians!
HOLY SMOKE - that was fast! The man cant do any wrong, but I didn't care for the dance & I blame it all on Cheryl.... she's using the same, arms around the head, slow movement up against each other a few too many times now. All her fault... But I'll still give him my votes tonight - no doubt. This just wont be one of the You Tube videos I'll watch for the week...
Scores - 9,8,9
#8 - Chuck & Julianne - before we get started, is it me or has he looked totally uncomfortable in a lace shirt all night? OK - the Rumba - they are a real life couple - this should be decent - & as I think that, Chuck says the same thing saying "I'd hate for the judges to say we don't have chemistry"... & did anyone hear him call her "Baby Love"? How cute was that?
We get to see where their first date was & where they had their first kiss - how sweet! "I'm glad to be your girl" - "I'm glad to be your man"... let's see if they bring it to the dance.
Wow - I dont think some of that should have been on TV... Holy Cow... I'd totally say that was the dance of seduction & romance between them... Talk about 100% difference from the sweet innocent Rumba of Shawn... here's the other end of the spectrum of dance!
Scores = 8,7,8
So fellow lovers of dance - we've made it through another night - & we're half way through! I totally am cheering for my favorite three of Shawn, Gilles & Melissa to make the finals - they impress me each week!
Did you smile at the Prom with Shawn? Did you think Lawrence was as good as they said? Did you want a pair of PJ's like Lacy's too? And who do you think should go?


  1. I love your recaps!

    I thought the "prom" was SO cute. Oh and my favorites are the same as yours... they are all really good! I am really hoping Steve-O finally gets sent home, but I'm doubting it.

  2. I have to getting your recap done before bedtime!

    Let's see...

    Ty...not so good, unfortunately. He needs to return to his beloved Jewel.

    Shawn...loved in that cute way. She looked uncomfortable but grew confident as the dance progressed.

    Lawrence...forgettable, as Simon Cowell would say. Poor guy...I've always rooted for the football players too.

    Melissa...I expected her to be better than she was. She looked off tonight. It just didn't seem to come as natural, for some reason. Not my favorite.

    Lil' Kim...blech. I just don't understand what the big deal is about her. She made a lot of mistakes. Her scores and the reviews were too gracious. Definitely not worth 10's.

    Steve O...he tried too hard. Their relationship is just plain strange. Lacy looks tired.

    Gilles...a little over the top. Cheryl wants that trophy again. I wasn't overly impressed, although he did a good job for the fast pace. I felt like I'd run a race (ok...walked to the corner)...out of breath by the time the dance was over.

    Chuck...interesting. It seemed a bit risque, given their relationship and her attire. No way would I let my daughter dance on any stage wearing those tights.

    I usually love the Rumba, but it was just okay tonight. Nobody got it just right.

    So, an interesting night. I think Steve O or Ty will go tomorrow.

    Thanks for the fun recaps!!

  3. I didn't see it--but a dog being the inspiration for a sensual dance sounds wacky!!

  4. How much longer until this show is over with??


  5. OK, Steve-O needs to go ASAP! I've just never quite warmed up to him. I really loved Julianne and Chuck...they have some serious chemisty going on, don't they? I still like Melissa, but last night wasn't a favorite dance of mine. The prom was too cute!

    You do such a great recap of the show! I give you 10's all across the board! :)

  6. Last nights show was really good! And the 'prom' was adorable!

  7. I thought the "Prom" was so cute too. I don't understand Lil' Kim either. I didn't think it was that good. Melissa did seem a little off but I still love her.

    Love your recaps! 10

  8. I love your recaps of DWTS, haha!!!!! :O)

  9. I haven't been watching DWTS for a few seasons but I was a huge fan when Drew Lachy was on there. Then Emmit Smith the next year. So you can say I'm a Cheryl fan too. Even when I don't watch it I go for her.

  10. your recaps are adorable. as are you!

  11. Hello RJ long lost sista of mine, ~~ Me too ~~ what in the blue blazes was going on last night? No 10 for Shawn?!! ~~ ~~ I thought that was one of the most amazing Rumba's ever!! It is just an uncomfortable dance to watch, but wow she made it pretty to watch and not to sleezy.

    Okay off the soap box!! =)

    Loving you girlfriend,

  12. I knew exactly what your post was about before I even read it...too funny!!!

    I thought the same about Lil' Kim...I wonder if that was weird when Derek said "let's play cops and robbers!" FUNNY!!

    Great show!

  13. LOL, too funny. I pretty much completely agree with your viewpoints, particularly on Ty, Lil Kim, and Steve-o's dog fettish. Good stuff.


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