Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Out front!!

With my thigh all jacked up from running, I am missing the aerobic part of working out. I'm the type of person, you miss a few days - its like I never worked out in my life. So I headed back to my favorite place to ever work out - JAZZERCISE!

Honestly - I know people have an idea of what that is - but it is the most amazing work out you could ever do! It has FANTASTIC cardio - strength training that will kick your butt - stretching... & I'm such a music person anyways... & when I got in there & we got to work out to "Single Ladies" by Beyonce, well, I was happy to be back!

I got there & was trying to decide where to stand... & Jazzercise is just like church & pews - people have their spots & dont EVEN think about taking their spot! You'll get a 5 lb weight on the side of your head if you do! Well, up front, right next to the stage is ALWAYS open. On one side, there is one young lady that takes that spot - but the other side of the stage.... empty! And there will be over 25 ladies in this room working out, but no one wants the dreaded "UP FRONT" spot!...... I went right up there & took it....

Why does no one want it? Because when you are up there - you are front & center - you are in the spot where everyone is watching you - watching to see if you mess up a step - or if you can make it through strong or if you have to take a break! All eyes are on you!

For me - that spot doesnt bother me. I actually enjoy it & I've been sorta taking that spot as my own.... why? Because it holds me accountable! I know those eyes from all over the room are watching.... it makes me push harder - makes me go longer then I would if I were in the back of the room or blending in - it makes me stronger!

Shouldnt Christians be the same way? We are called to be different - to stand out! I think alot of times, we like the idea of being a Christian but want to blend in - or stand in the back where we're not noticed. Yeah, in the back of the room - you can get a work out - but you're not making a difference, you're not being challenged - you're not getting pushed to be stronger!!!

Be in the front of whatever is in your life! Represent Christ boldly! Keep fighting & going strong because eyes are on you & watching your moves!

And yeah, you may have a mis-step or a moment where you have to stop & catch your breath... but you're going be stronger & people will watch you & want to know where you are getting that strength!



  1. Oh, I loved taking Jazzercise classes years back! What fun times AND a great workout, too! I can remember not wanting to be out front...made me feel very intimidated. It was easier just to blend in with the crowd.

    You are so right about being a Christian...God calls us to step out boldly in our faith. He doesn't want us to hide amongst people, worrying what others might think. No, he wants us to step out in front of the crowd with our heads held high...proud of WHO and WHAT we stand for!

  2. GREAT analogy! I have never jazzercised, and if I did, I would probably park my out-o-shape rear as close to the door as possible! But, as a Christian, I do wanna live a life that can be lived out up front and visible. May that be the prayer of us all!!!

  3. First of all... anything cardio... scares me!!! In fact exercise... yep... scares me... so up front... not my spot... would rather be in the back... hiding out in a corner... but different about that in my Christian walk... thank goodness. Don't mind being the front when "necessary"... just always trying not to take anyone's spot!

  4. One of the best compliments I have ever received from my son was in the form of a question. He was in the seventh grade I think, and he came home and putting his hands on his hips in disgust said: "Mom why do you have to be so different?" Yes ~~ Score!!!!! I hit it out of the park that day I tell you. My little heart was way big that day!! And yet he was still wondering what the heck mom?!! So I explained to him that I would not compromise my principles to allow him to do something that was outside of God's will for his life. To which he replied: "No one talks like that!!" Touchdown and homerun all in one!!

    Okay I'm done now =)

    Love to you RJ,

  5. This was a GREAT post and a wonderful analogy. You always challenge me and thank you for that, Jo Jo!!! :O)

  6. As Perry Noble puts it...

    This makes me want to charge Hell with a water pistol! 8-)

    Good post.

  7. Love it. Never tried jazzercise but did do a kick boxing class and you stood where you could. I like being different and praying that people see Jesus in me. It is hard when all eyes are on you and you mess up but the best part to me is what you do next.
    I do hope you leg is getting better!!
    Thank you for the awesome post.

  8. That is so funny cuz my gym classes are the same way. The regulars always have their own spot and everyone else just stands in the very back. Nobody wants up front!

    Way to go woman! Be accountable! That's what us accountants are for right?

  9. I never took jazzercise classes. My middle name is Jo too. I always hated having a boy middle name. How do you feel about it : )?

  10. Look at you go girl! Making my 4 times around the track look like nothing ... LOL

    Love it girl, I love that you say it how it is!

  11. haha I HATE being front and center in my "praise aerobics" (haha that cracks me up just writing it) because then EVERYONE can see when I have to stop and take a breather!

    you're the queen of the analogies (or metaphors?!) . . . love this one!

  12. I love your post...It really made me think..I need to be out front more!
    Thanks for your sweet comment on my Blog..Hugs..Julie

  13. My favorite post yet! I never see your correlations coming! WONDERFUL!

  14. The hierarchy that goes in those classes is crazy! Judge or be judged is probably the norm. You my friend are one brave woman!

    I totally agree with Frizzy - this is my favorite post yet! Your correlations are just the most creative & whip-smart!

  15. Oh I never tried that!
    That looks way fun!

  16. Oh get it girl! You always have the best analogies!

  17. I'm going to have to stand in that back in both cases. Except if it was Micheal Jackson Thrillersize, I would be front and center for that.

  18. I've always wanted to try jazzercise. it sounds like so much fun!

    I'm just getting around to catching up with everyone. I wanted to say thanks so much for your sweet words about my uncle. It meant a lot to me!

  19. You always have great analogy's / illustrations. =)

    When I was taking a kwando class (sort of like kickboxing) I would generally be somewhere in the middle. My class is no longer at the gym though because of budget cuts. Boo!


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