Monday, April 27, 2009

Queen Bees, Happy Days, & Team Beyonce!

My body hurts after the mini.... I cant imagine ANY dancer feeling like this... but then I remember all the trips to the ER & surgeons & crutches & ambulance rides through this season.... maybe dancing IS worse than a Mini Marathon
Oh well - we're dwindling down to the final six & its Monday so we're LLLIIIVVVVEEEE!!!!
Wait... we're just starting & what is this craziness in Dancing news??? Tony D is walking down the ballroom staircase alone & Melissa is not here???? WHAT??????? How did I not know this... how can the show go on? How can I stand seeing Tony D with such sad eyes... I'm going to puke! Who cares about the Teams now... where's Melissa!!!!!!
We're starting the show anyways without her... sigh...
#1 - Gilles & Cheryl - OK - I'm not complaining anymore about my soreness...we see yet ANOTHER injury! Gilles shoulder has had it! You'd think the injuries would be done when Steve O & "Apple Man" Steve left... apparently not!
And then with the joys of Cheryl barking at him all the time - I so badly enjoyed seeing him drop her on her head. Is that bad? Cheryl just doesnt seem like oodles of fun in the practice room! The girl is determined for a third mirror ball!
So they Linday Hop... it was cute, I guess. I was distracted by those obnoxious colors & those unseemingly high pants. Who tightened those suspenders? In the end, all I could think of was Arthur Fonzerelli!!! Am I the only one who thought the Fonz was standing there for his scores? I was waiting for two thumbs up with an AAAAAA!!!!!!
Scores - 9,9,9
#2 - Lil Kim & Derek - We get to see the Paso tonight! We know this girl can make some angry faces...she's spent time in prison for goodness sakes! But Derek keeps referring to her as a Queen Bee.... I'm not sure I understand that analogy - especially visualizing a Queen Bee who's trying to do a Latin Dance with a touch of Martial arts... I'm so confused!
But you know its a good dance when Bruno stands & yells "The *itch is back" & everyone cheers at that response! um...... ok! If doing a Latin dance earns you that name - I'll be sure to never dance that dance myself!
My question - who was the Lil' woman in the audience? Is that Lil' Momma? She was so tiny!!!
Anyways - the scores were 9, 9, 10...
#3 - Chuck & Julianne - who cares.... Melissa is out...
No... I'm joking (sorta) - but we got a reminder of how good Chuck did last week! He is just happy from seeing Julianne's face smile! Dont you think this has to be tough on their relationship? Every year they make it seem like Julianne is in love with her partner - & the year that she really is - I just think its weird.... maybe its just me - but she's getting on my nerves & I hate that because she's always been one of my favorite professionals.... its just too giggly girlfriend Barbie to me.
Anyone else notice - we're 3 for 3... all three guys so far have JUMPED off the stage! Are men allergic to stairs? I'm waiting for the season when someone jumps off & lands on their face! You know they have ambulances near by anyways!
So everyone liked this Cha Cha Cha... again - I'm not digging this dude! I dont think he did good but the judges are calling him a contender. Really? I just think the judges are trying to keep young love alive for Chuck & Julianne - that's my theory anyways....Scores = 9, 9, 8 (Thank you Bruno for at least giving a 8... )
#4 - Shawn & Mark - We get a visit from Mama Ballas! I have to say, I had enough of Daddy Corky last year with Chloris... Oh geez - flashbacks of him dragging her across the floor in Hip Hop gear! Anyways - Mama seems so classy & smooth & full of advise! I wanna come from a dancing family!!!! Mom .... dad... why couldnt you have done the Samba around the house when I was little? Maybe you did & that's why I love dancing so much now & I just repressed it... I'll schedule a counseling session for that!
But I LOVED Shawn's Samba!! If Melissa is out - then I now am rooting for this girl! She has always been a favorite of mine - but I'll shoot for a Gilles - Shawn match off in the finals now! And Len is all grumpy about it? WHAT? He liked Chuck & not this? This is when my angry eyes come out - but Carrie Ann saved the day!!! Who would have thought! Scores - 10, 8, 9! I actually screamed "In your face LEN" when I saw that 10!!!! Who knew Dancing with the Stars could make me so violent!
#5 - Melissa & Tony - So we see what happened - that pesky rib injury strikes again! Girlfriend has been throwing her body every which way but loose ... & I do think those ribs got loose afterall!!! A trip to the doc shows a fracture! Poor thing!
So they play the rehearsal footage & that's how they judge..... I'd give a 10 just for her dancing in such low rise jeans... holy cow! How did those stay up?
Everything about this is heart breaking to me... Tony's sad eyes, knowing Melissa is somewhere watching heart broken - knowing that she even TRIED to do it in pain tonight.... this poor girl has had enough sadness in her life with that dorky Jason aka the Loser Bachelor! All my 6 votes are going to her tonight! Scores - 7,7,7
#6 - Ty & Chelsea - before we get started here, I have to say, I was gearing up for "So you Think you Can Dance" & was catching up on videos on You Tube from that! I honestly think one of my all time favorites dances with was Chelsea doing the "Bleeding Love" dance... anyone else see that one? How far our little Chelsea has come...
OK - onto Ty! How can you NOT love Ty more with each week! His smiles & his innocence, his charm is just adorable!!! And first Fonz for the night - & now, does anyone else see it - he looks like Ron Howard!!! Except I dont remember Ritchie Cunningham with guns like that! YAHZAAAA - who knew bull riding was the way to go for incredible arms! I see a new work out DVD coming out soon!
The Salsa... hmmm... was it what you would call "Professional"? Probably not - but how can you not smile when you see Ty? And you can see his cowboy skills of working a lasso - did you see him WHIP that girl around! Scores - 9,7,8.... truthfully, he probably should be the next to go... but this cowboy now has new fans that love him!
Time for the Team Dances! I loved this last year...
TEAM MAMBO!!!! Its got Tony D AND Mark? I can already tell you this is going to be my team I like! And then they break out "Single Ladies" by Beyonce? Oh - ask the girls in the youth.... I sing that song 99% of the time we're together!
Everyone had smooth moves - it was great... & then that ending - the guys pulling a Justin Timberlake & wearing the Beyonce outfit????? Seriously - could anything be better? Apparently so because the judges didnt think it was that great - Scores 8,8,9... I would give a 10 just for the guys in their outfits! Come on judges - sometimes its just about fun!!!
TEAM TANGO!!!! First thing I noticed in pratice - Cheryl gripping... can someone please drop her on her head again? They are meaning business! And we see it from the beginning with the Stars being showcased & not only Gilles without a shirt, but look at Ty! Good thing he got spray tanned!
But they rocked it! Poor Kim - she fumbled & even made an "OHHH" face... but it didnt even matter! They rocked it! Ty was smooth & Gilles - dang - once again, I'll say it - he can do no wrong! Scores - 9,9,10!!!!!
For entertainment - Team Mambo won for me - for dancing, Team Tango...
Its been a night of drama... injuries... team work... & Happy Days Flashbacks...
Who did you like? Are you just as upset about Melissa? Do you think its time for Ty to go or has he lassoed your heart too?
And just because I've been singing that song in my head all day - here's Chelsea in the coolest dance....


  1. Hilariously great recap as always!! I'm so sad about Melissa. :( I hope she makes it through--she deserves to be there. The competition won't be as good without her.

  2. Bleeding Love was one of our favorite dances too! Chelsea went to high school with the youth I work with so we are big fans :-)

  3. I will admit, I have never been a DWTS watcher. But I will say that I wish I had just a sliver of their talent!

  4. Oh rebecca! I hope Melissa makes it back. And Chelsea's bleeding love if def one of my favs that and the one where I believe her name is Heidi did the dance on the park bench with spikey haired boy travis maybe?

  5. Too bad about Melissa! I hope she can stay in the game.

  6. I love Chelse from SYTYCD!!! Bleeding love was one of the best dances ever on there. I love dancing shows. Have a blessed and beautiful day!!!

  7. Haha! I watched the whole episode last night and was waiting for your recap :)

  8. Thanks for the update. I rushed to your blog last night when I turned on the television at eight and saw that Melissa was missing! I hadn't heard the news about that either! Tony looked sooo sad all night. Along with Melissa he so needs to win. He's always been such a trooper with past partners.

  9. I dont watch the show, but still love reading your recaps! Maybe next season I will start watching it too.

  10. Another great recap! I was bummed that Melissa couldn't compete...I'm sure she was, too! I still love Chuck and Julianne and I can't help but like Ty Murray...he's just too darn cute and funny!

  11. Love your recap, oh how I miss my ABC :(. Love the pictures keeps me in the loop! Thanks girlie ;)

  12. Okay so seriously, I do love me some Chelsea!!! That Bleeding Love video does it everytime ~~ tear. Love her. So glad she is now on DWTS!! And how excited am I that SYTYCD is back on May 12th. heart.

    I hope Melissa is able to keep dancing ~~ Tony seriously needs to cheer up ~~ it was annoying me a little.

    Love you friend,

  13. you'll have to forgive me for only now getting around to posting. I watched the show and didn't even tempt myself by visiting your blog after...I was tired and had to get to bed.

    I was a bit distracted during the show because of, once again, my teens.'d think that once they turn into teens that you could watch an entire show! Not!'s probably not fair to post this after the results show, but oh well...

    Giles and Cheryl...didn't really like...I don't know why...probably his hair or their costumes.

    Lil Kim and Derek...ugh. Love him, and you know how I feel about her. She's just over the top for me, and I wish she'd get voted off!!! Blech.

    Chuck and Julianne were okay. Like you said, I didn't think they deserved the high marks, but they are a really cute couple.

    Shawn and Mark did okay, although I thought her performance lacked energy. She's cute as a button, and he seems very respectful of her age, which I appreciate, so no ultra-sexy moves. Kudos!

    Melissa and Tony...bummer about the injury and yes, wasn't she hot in her warm-up? Wish I looked like that way back when! Course, eating chocolate every day (in the amounts I do) probably doesn't help. Course, dancing for hours on end is certainly not hurting her either. Dance floor here I come! C'mon Rebecca, let's DO IT!

    Ok...Ty and favorites. He's so adorable and innocent and sweet, as is she. Thank you for the video from SYTYCD. I watch that every summer and LOVE it, although she wasn't my favorite that season. BUT, that dance made an impression on me, and every time I hear that song on the radio, I think of that dance. It was fun to watch again!

    The group dances happened in the middle of my kids updating me on the day, so I completely missed the superhero one (is that how they were dressed) and most of the Paso.

    Now that results are over, I can say that I am SHOCKED that Chuck and Julianne were voted off! Wowsa! Did your jaw drop open like mine?

    Ok...back to your regularly scheduled program. LOL

  14. i loved the single ladies danced. the end was the best thing ever!

  15. About Melissa - I KNOW! I was SO sad when I saw Tony's sad faces. I hope she's able to come back this week!

    It's so hard for me. I love everyone that's left. And I'm sad that Chuck is gone! =(


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