Thursday, April 23, 2009

Little April Rose

I'm not even sure how I came across this blog... but this young first time mother is carrying a terminal baby inutero. The path this woman has been going on is heart breaking, but her strength is amazing. Her faith in in her Heavenly Father & she's relying on Him...

We've been praying for this baby - April Rose, for awhile now.... & you have to see the video to see what's happened. No one knows what this means in the end... but one day of good news is something I'm sure April's mommy could use!

If you get a chance, stop by HERE & leave a little thought..... & keep praying for this baby!

Our God is a God of MIRACLES!


  1. I've been following the blog also. So heart wrenching.

  2. I went and checked out this young mothers blog and I am amazed at her strength...

  3. oh my... I hadn't seen this blog. I'm going to check it out.

  4. this one was hard for me to watch!

    Hi Rebecca! How are you! I have missed you! :)

  5. I hadn't seen this blog... thanks for sharing it with us! I'm going to go check it out.

  6. Wow! What a story. I have seen others who have experienced this same situation and God has truly given them a testimony to share. This mom certainly seems very grounded. I will be praying for them. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is truly amazing! I hope things continue on the path of life.

    A close family member had this same issue but her baby died during her fifth month pregnancy.

  8. That's a beautiful video.

  9. I heard of this blog. I'll have to check it out!


    Ya'll are killin me in bloggy land. I can't handle all these emotions. I just wanna go home and hug my babies now!

    I found her blog a few weeks ago while blog surfing, but I've been so behind on catching up and commenting (as you can tell), that I missed this.

  11. This blog is a scam...not real. April doesn't exist...sorry

  12. This blog has been completely shut down as have all pages on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc. It was discovered "after April Rose was born alive" when her first picture was posted, that the picture was that of a reborn doll.

    Do a search on April Rose Scam or April Rose Fake and you will see things pop up, there is info on my blog as well as others.

    Continue to pray for "B" and all around her as this is going to need some major attention by all around her.

  13. I have been following her blog too and am just totally appalled at the evilnes of people calling it all a scam and sending B&D such hateful comments and e-mails that caused them to shut the blog down. We sure do live in a fallen world.

  14. "B" or Beccah Rose Beushausen was never pregnant and never had a baby. She's just a very sick (but articulate) 26-year-old girl who plays with plastic baby dolls and pretends she just gave birth to them and they're dying.

    I spoke with the woman whose address and phone number has been hijacked by her (Lori K. Pasch, a piano teacher), and while she knows Beccah and how very ill she truly is, she did not know that she'd been using her address for her business See Through Me Studios. I had the unfortunate job of explaining to her what had transpired and she shared with me that her daughter and Beccah went to Olivet Nazarene University in Chicago together and were friends. She also shared that five years ago, she suffered something very traumatic and is need of serious mental help.

    To Great Granny Grandma ... you've been had just like the rest of us praying women.

    If you EVER see a blogger profile who leaves comments under the name InHISTightGrip (spelled that way), that's Beccah. She's now trolling the blogs defending "B" under this psuedoname. She's also been promoting LittleAprilRose Blogspot for months by going to different blogs, complimenting the blog owner on anything she can come up with, and then leading into "would you pop on over to this blog (April Rose's) and support this poor, young woman whose baby is dying ...).

    It is despicable.

    SHE is despicable.

    And I hear and Internet Fraud Investigation is in the works. Poor girl. Twenty-six and she had her whole life ahead of her. Beware, though. She will strike again under another name. Each time you logged onto her site, she made money off of clickless BlogHer ads. She made money while we were all duped!

  15. Yep lots of people were right all was a fake...I clicked on it yesterday and it was removed....funny my brain said weeks ago to erase it from my blog list..but my heart was saying wait..hate I was had....

  16. I think it is beyond *sad* that on top of being hurt by this situation...people also have to be insulted- called 'evil' by sharing that this was a created story.

    Yes the video is a tear jerker- the situation would have been heart breaking- yes it shows how wonderful people are to pray and send love and support a stranger seemingly in need.

    But the people most drawn to help this person were other grieving parents- her main supporters were other parents who had lost children to the same illnesses she claimed her "daughter" had.

    Further victimizing anyone who has suffered the greatest loss in life by stealing their money- their energy and causing them to mourn another child is depraved...

    I am hoping people will stop adding hurt to an already painful situation by arguing- name calling- just doesn't help.

  17. I'm so saddened by this blog. I thought it was true all along and had no idea how people could be so cruel to her all this time. Today, though, I checked in after being away for a while and all that's there now is an apology from Beccah. She made the whole thing up.

  18. It´s all fake just look at this


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