Sunday, April 26, 2009

Passing Up

So, the day after.... I'm actually better then I thought! Now, dont get me wrong... I'm SORE as anything... if I sit for long - it takes me some painful motions to get up & moving - but once I'm on the move, I can keep going... I didnt think I'd be able to move AT ALL!!!

Thinking back on the race, there is so much that stands out to me - but one thing really struck me over everything else......

Starting off, I had the advice to get in the front & move with the crowd.... well, obviously, those are more trained, professional runners. What did they do - they just past me up... & when I would get to a time when I would have to slow down - all I was seeing were people's backs just running right past me! Let me tell you - it was very discouraging!

Then, I would get my wind & pick up my pace & it was such an encouraging thing to pass people myself... It was like, YES, I'll be ahead of you & you & you... but then the next mile, they may pass me up again...

Its such a weird feeling.....

At one point, at my weakest after mile 10 - I actually kept my eyes down at my feet because I was TIRED of seeing people pass me up - it was taking all the life out of it for me... it was like it was sapping anything left....

Applying that to our race in our Christian walk, do you ever look around & see people who just seem to "GET IT"? How it seems that things go so well in their lives & they must have it all together? That everyone is passing you up getting their life on track? You only see the back sides of people who zoom past you?

Or are you so excited thinking you are the one who has it together - just like the pride I would feel in passing someone up? Do you get that feeling inside that says, "I'm better than you are?" in the sense that you feel like you are closer to God then maybe someone else?

The funny thing in the end to me.... yeah, they may have been different times & at different paces, but we ALL crossed the SAME finish line!!!!!

And I think that's what really hit me... none of it mattered. Not the point that people got there before me or after me....

What a difference it made too when I didn't focus on everyone else too... when I would look at my feet & listen to the beat of the music I was listening too & focusing on myself & what I could do... it made me feel stronger. Do you watch everyone else & take your focus off your relationship with Jesus? Too busy comparing it to others thinking, "Why cant God do for me what they've done for her?"....

I dont know... I just feel like Jesus wants the same for us... its not any better that someone may be "closer" or "slower" in their walks with Him... just that we make it to HIM - the ultimate finish line!!!


  1. What a wonderful post! I love the comparision.....and yes, we all have the same finish line and all that matters is that we get there.

  2. Sweetie I had the same thought at least we're doing it. So many don't run the race they choose another path and decided the race isn't worth it. The sad thing is they will left behind not us. We may be a little slower then some but we're keeping the pace and staying the course. All the ups and downs and slight vers here and there we make it.

    I'll be there with you I probably will be the one behind barely keeping up, but in the end I'll be there holding your hand :).

  3. Great comparison! I could never run like you just did! Good for you!

  4. What a great post! I agree, it's very easy to get caught up in the "one up"--you know, where someone trys to "one up" you or vice versa?

    I had some of that happen last week and I tell ya, when I came home on Friday I was so exhausted from it--I cried. The Big Guy had no idea what to do! I just had to "let it go" and trust that I'll be moved in the right direction. : )

  5. There you go, again...finding something extraordinary in the ordinary...I love it! Really opens my eyes and makes me THINK! I missed your post on Saturday, but I am SO proud of you for completing the half marathon! What was your time? You wrote something like you completed 4 hours in less than 1 hour and I was like...huh? Sorry for my confusion! What a great should be proud of yourself!

  6. Still just beaming proud of you girl!!! What a great post and wonderful reminder to finish this race and finish strong!!

    Love you friend,

  7. I am so proud of you! I haven't heard from my sister yet but I am sure she loved every min. of her marathon also!

  8. What a wonderful analogy--you are so right. Thanks for the encouraging words on each of our own "Christian races". Once again, you're awesome for completing the race!!

  9. Great post!! What a great comparison. I couldn't have made it. Way to go!!

  10. I love your insight and you are right on the money. I often tell my children it's not how you start it's that you finish. It's so important that people know life is hard but God is so good. Thanks for sharing this story and I can hardly wait to hear more.
    Glad you're moving and feeling good.

  11. That's great! You're sore, but you put a nice twist on the race and applied it to "Real" life...I'd still be laid up crying about my sore butt!

  12. This was AWESOME!!!!! I love you Jo Jo!!! :)

  13. Applying that to our race in our Christian walk, do you ever look around & see people who just seem to "GET IT"? How it seems that things go so well in their lives & they must have it all together? That everyone is passing you up getting their life on track? You only see the back sides of people who zoom past you?YES!! All the time!

    But I also agree with your last part, that at least we're getting there and it doesn't matter who got there first or least we're there.

  14. I don't know how I got so behind in my reading, I kept saving this to come back to!
    Awesome job Girlfriend, you rocked it big time, I'm so proud of you!!!!


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