Monday, April 20, 2009

Dresses over the face, Stars designing & group FLASHBACK!

I've got a shot in the butt today - it hurt like a son of a gun - my head still hurts - I had a long Board Meeting at church... to say today's been rough is an understatement... but you know what - Its Monday & we're LLLLIIIVVVEEEE (well, techinically I'm a little delayed due to the Board Meeting - but by DVR laws - I'm LLLIIIVVVEEE!!!!!)
Just looking at the stair descent - can I say I'm already in love with Gilles & Cheryl... she looks like Belle!!! And you all know my obsession with Belle!!!!! And Gilles definitely has Princely looks...
Oh yeah - costumes are designed by the Stars... no wonder Edyta is covered up - we heard her partner thinks she's allergic to clothing... apparently not - & not allergic to massive amounts of fur by her face...... Let's get this party started!!!!
#1 - Melissa & Tony - my prediction was they were going to work on getting "ballet" out of her...we are seeing she's going to go "ManEater". All I can think about once again is Darryl Hall & John Oates... is there a underlying theme this year? And who knows better than Man eating then the Desperate Housewives. Did anyone else think Teri Hatcher & Melissa had a little resemblance? Maybe Melissa can take Edie's place on the show now (is Edie dead? I don't watch it - just saw it on commercials)
But the Argentine Tango suits her well - LIFTS with SPLITS - long leg extensions & the best - Tony in a suit with snarl! He is getting one point just for that face through the dance - so in that competition: Mark = 1 Tony =1 - the night is young - Mark can pull ahead!
Wonderful dance & the judges agree except grumpy Len had to see one little fumble??? WHAT? Oh - its too early to get angry... Scores - 10,9,10... Go Melissa!
#2 - Lawrence & Edyta- OK - I am shocked Edyta danced so much with this coat on - Knew it had to be ripped off at some time! And yet, she was still covered... & I guess she wanted to cover up everything because her dress ended up covering her face!!!! That's the sign of a professional - when your dress is covering your face & you keep up! LT was a little bit miffed from it though & he just seemed to lose it for me - but once again - the judges thought he did pretty good! WHAT? I literally saw him standing there with his arms to his side looking lost! And again - I'm not a judge - but is THAT a dance move? If it is, I know quite a few killer dancers then! Scores - 7, 7, 7... I'm saying its getting time for LT to go back to his golf games... sad, but true.
#3 - Lil Kim & Derek - They get the SEXY dance of the Rumba & yet, Kim is wanting to take some of her sexiness out? I'm not even sure if that is possible! We'll see... wait a second - in the practice, wasnt there a chair involved with a dramatic kick? And now, no chair? Oh, Derek is such the teaser!
And can I ask - does anyone else think those "Sheet dresses" are flattering? I dont get them - I think I'm going to go pull out my Belle Sheets & drap it around me - see if I feel like a dancer.
But all in all - the judges said they expected more - or as Bruno put it "Taking the raunch out of Lil' Kim is like taking the Tequila out of a Maragarita"... OK - I can honestly say, those words in BLUE are probably the first time they have ever been mentioned on my blog!!! But the scores were 9,8,9
#4 - Chuck & Julianne - SAMBA? I remember from years past - the Samba is Julianne's best dance! And probably one of my favorite is when she danced it with Apollo Ono in their tiger striped outfits... "I want to move it, move it".... remember that one???
And we see a outfit has been recycled - Gilles red hot outfit has now been switched to Chuck... it honestly is STILL hurting my eyes! The red though must be lucky because he did a really good job! The country boy has a little moving going on! "I want to move it, move it"...I think he's scared of loosing Julianne if he messed up the Samba!!!
The judges are all for it too... but can I say, I absolutely hate it when Carrie Ann gets up & does a little move!!! I thought she was a professional dancer & she pulls out the "Cabbage Patch"???
Well - the scores reflect they loved it - 9, 9, 9 .... that's all Chuck wanted! The happy couple remains the happy couple!
#5 - Ty & Chelsea... Its the waltz... I can already tell you, I'm sure the cowboy has this! He is made for ballroom... Latin - not so much - but we'll be happy its a ballroom night for him! And how cute was that story Jewel told about him telling her to "Hold this" & gave her some wildflowers? She's right - his cowboy ways & his Manly Man attitude does make his style of romance fit! I'd "hold" flowers from him, sitting on horse back! Very sweet!
And yes - he once again pulled it off! It was funny though because my husband came through right as he was on & I said, "Look at his poor face - he looks so scared" & Carrie Ann said the same thing... I'm going to get up & do the Cabbage Patch dance now since I'm so much like her!!
Scores - 8,8,8
#6 - Shawn & Mark - I was going to take off a point from Mark for his horrible impression of Michael Jackson - but I wont because he was such a good sport at dancing throughout the night & on the road....good job Mark! ... so stands at Mark = 1, Tony = 1 - could the group dance make the guys pull extra points?
Holy cow! Girlfriend has hip action tonight in this Cha-Cha-Cha! I want to add another CHA just because it was so fun & cute! She totally didnt look 17 years old tonight - & didnt she help design the dress? A little flashy & risky... short! But she's just adorable! Every time I see her & Mark dance - I just smile... & its not just because I heart Mark... Shawn is just ADORABLE - no better word! Hip Shaking Adorable tonight! Scores - 9, 9, 10!!!! FINALLY - cutie pie got a 10!!!! She should have got all 10's in my opinion! She's a gold medal gymnast! She needs 10's people! She's used to them!
#7 Gilles & Cheryl... doing a waltz ... & in a yellow Belle-esque gown? oh, I have a feeling in my gut I'm going to like this!!! I'm just glad he's not in leather... he's been in black leather for far too long! And do you really think Cheryl thought that synchronized swimming would matter - or did she just want him shirtless again? Cheryl is a slick one like that!
The Waltz is such a princess dance... I dont remember Belle breaking down in the Splits though... I still say this man can do no wrong! And that HE designed this dress??? Oh SNAP - I love him even more now! Scores = 9, 9, 9
BRING ON THE GROUP DANCE!!!! We are reminded that this is not for scores - which is probably smart since Ty is having poor Chelsea act like a bull??? WHAT? Anything for fun!
And if they had to judge Chuck on the wig? I didnt even know who it was at first! And poor LT - I was cracking up at him just standing there! His football move worked for him though!
Carrie Ann is so right - the girls BROUGHT IT!!! how cute where they! I'm just glad Holly wasnt there - if she fell off a stool - do you think she'd be able to stand on the platforms? Doubtful....
And in the running for favorite dancer between Mark & Tony - I am giving Tony a point for throwing Melissa in the air in splits & making sure she didnt crash her head! And the argyle sweater was cute too... Mark = 1 Tony =2
So what did you think? Is it time for LT to go? Is Ty going to make it through another week? Will Chuck & Julianne have their country fans pull them through once again? And did anyone else want Cheryl's dress & gloves besides me?
Until Next week Dancing Fans!!


  1. ha ha!! very funny!!

    M & T are my fav's for SURE!!

  2. Girl...I KNEW I should have headed to bed before checking Google Reader, but NOOOOO, I had to look.

    Now, you know I am your #1 After-The-Show Commenter, so here goes...

    Although I was a bit distracted (the kids came in and had to talk about everything under the sun...a good thing I know), I kept my left ear and eye on the boob tube...

    I think my favorite dance of the night was Julianne and boyfriend's. Hot, hot, hot. The red helped a lot too.

    My second favorite was Little Ms. Gold Medal Winner's. I loved the Michael Jackson stuff. What a fun time!

    I didn't like Lil Kim's surprise there, eh? I love's the girl I can do without. Blech.

    The other dances were so-so to me. I didn't really pay much attention to Gilles' dance because that's when my kids were bending my ear. I think it was okay, but I always feel like it's a bit over the top.

    I will say that I liked the costumes tonight!! Wowsa!

    And the group far my favorite of all seasons! I loved the black-and-white and bits of old dances thrown in. Totally groovy! And the costumes were absolutely spot-on. Makes me want to go buy some go-go boots!

    It will be interesting to see who goes tomorrow. You probably have an idea who I'll be rooting for. Sorry if that's mean, but hey, what's the fun of being a fan?

  3. Awesome! Great recap. My mom and I watch this together (she's in Cali I'm in WA) we get on MSN chat and watch it "together" :) It's a lot of fun. I LOVE Melissa!

  4. Awesome recap, my NEVER let us down!

    Chuck and Julianne are my favorite pair...they get cuter each and every week! Talk about some serious chemistry going on! Steamy! I love Derek, but I'm not a fan of Lil Kim. Shawn is doing very well...that girl can move, as can Melissa! I still like Ty a lot...his personality is infectious!

    Next week should be interesting!

  5. My thoughts?

    I see that there are only 7 couples left so I'm hoping that means there is only 7 more weeks left. 8 weeks tops!!!

    LOL :)

    You know I have to give you a hard time Rebecca.

  6. I've never watched this show - just haven't...but reading your posts keeps me up to date! Love your commentaries!

  7. Glad you're enjoying the show! It's amazing how Melissa has made this comeback since the Bachelor debacle!

  8. Gosh I just love your recaps! I'm with you on LT though... I thought he did TERRIBLY. It seemed like he was so lost for half of the dance... and yet he got SEVENS?!?!? I was a little confused about that.

  9. Girl, you make me laugh. I so look forward to your recaps, haha!!

  10. I am such a Gilles fan, but was only meh with last nights dance.

    I have to ad you to my reader for these great updates.

    Stop and visit - I have a giveaway starting today.


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