Friday, April 10, 2009


Soldiers, you think you lead him?

Ropes, you think you bind him?

Men, you think you sentence him?

He heeds not your commands!

He winces not at your lashes.

It is his Father's voice he obeys.

And it is your soul he saves.


  1. My sister in law sang this at church 2 weeks ago. Ugh, I love that song!! I didn't even listen to what you have posted and I have goose bumps!!

  2. This is beautiful, but for some reason my computer would not cooperate and the video kept stopping and going and stopping and going, haha!!

  3. Beautiful ...

    (And, when I grow up, can I have a voice like hers? Thank you so much!)

  4. I can always find inspiration when I come here. Thank you.

  5. I have goose bumps too!! I just love this song! I've been thinking all morning about what I want to post about for a Good Friday post and feel this song is perfect!! Hope you don't mind me posting it too!!

    Happy Good Friday!! I am so thankful for the Cross today(everyday!)

  6. Amen! Thank you for feeding my soul today.

  7. I am so unworthy of that. To see it just makes my heart cry, rejoice, bow and smile. It's such a mix of emotions and and makes me know that I am being loved through the ages by a Holy and perfect God. Thank you for posting it. I hope you have a wonderful Easter. HE IS RISEN!

  8. Easter Sunday is a tough one for me because I always realize that I'm not worthy of the sacrifice that was paid on my behalf. Yet, I rejoice in that He did pay the price! That was beautiful.

  9. You my dear are just a beautiful person inside and out!

  10. Oh, that touches my soul so deeply! Hope you have a BLESSED Easter!

  11. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing on this Good Friday!

  12. Don't you love Easter? It is the greatest thing we celebrate in my opinion. Thanks for sharing!


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