Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I want a Nintendo DS....I have for a few months! A little pocket gadget that I can play brain games on - or even better - SCRABBLE! I keep looking at them & then I saw this weekend, the NEW Nentendo DSI came out... stop the press! I dont want that puny regular old-fashioned game now - I gotta have the NEW ONE!

Anyone else feel that same way about something they want? You want something so badly & before you can even get it, the newest version comes out & you gotta have that - & then the next & the next....its an endless cycle.

Then I read in the book by Max Lucado "Six Hours One Friday" a statement that really hit home. Especially in the times that our country is in right now - the state of our economy.

"You cry over spilled champagne"

Before you say - HUH? - think about it! We, in our country, get so upset over the benefits of our life, not the essentials - over the frills, not the basics!

We even take a look at our blessings & think of them as problems! Like a car.... when it breaks down, I will complain & grumble... but think about the family that has to walk miles beyond miles to get anywhere!

We get stuck in an airport & complain about being late to a destination.... when we are so blessed to be able to see our loved ones in a few hours instead of weeks or months of travel!

We complain about having to go to the grocery store (Yeah, this is totally me right here) because it takes too long, or its too crowded - when some people would give ANYTHING to have a selection of food!

Or we want a bigger house when there are people who are living in tents & shelters that provide no air or warmth....

Or we need new clothes because last years are out of date when people just want something to cover their bodies....

Gratitude - its being MORE aware of what you have then what you DONT have!

I'm the most guilty here! When I read just those 5 words - it hit me.... I need to really start looking at what I'm complaining about!

I need to be even more thankful to God for the blessings he has bestowed on me.

Am I the only one feeling the conviction here? Do you think we realize how Blessed we are?


  1. SO TRUE!! Yes, I definitely feel guilty! All too often I dream of wanting a new house and complain about the one we live in and I should be grateful I have a roof over my head! Thanks for reminding me to thank the Lord for everything I have!

  2. I agree, instead of regretting eating all that blue icing which took a toll on the bowels I should be grateful we get cake! Your to sweet that post is awesome and very true.

  3. A great reminder...thanks!

  4. That is so funny you posted about this because I was thinking about that the other day. Like new technology comes out and then we just start expecting it to work perfectly.

    Hello! Do you realize how lucky we are to have these luxuries!

    (Blue icing? Don't know where my sis comes up with these things!)

  5. Spot on.
    I do try and remember how much I have been blessed with but somedays I find myself whining a bit too much. Thanks for the reminder

  6. Great post...and so true. I love Max and loved that book! He hits home everytime. Really gets you thinking. And yes, we all seem to notice what we dont have instead of being thankful for what we do have. I am going to try harder....and not complain about stuff I should be thankful for.

    (and I hope you get your Nintendo anyway)

  7. You are so right! OK - I am feeling bad now! I have been wanting an iPod so bad and I actually bought one today. Now your making me feel guilty, ha ha! BUT I did not buy the new touch one I just bought the regular iPod. Buy the way, I want a DS also! My children are getting one for their birthday so I will just play with their's - I only have to wait about 2 more months!

  8. I think that this is one of the positives that is a result of the downturn in the economy...being grateful for everything...and not grumbling quite so much.

    It's really funny that you mention the game system today. I was ogling them a few days ago and thinking about Brain Age and how I could keep my mind young...yada, yada, yada.

    At this point, I'm thankful for my home, for the food God provides, and for the little bit of income I do have.

    The biggest lesson for all of us is that even if we had nothing, we would still have God. He's better than any material possession and all we need.

  9. I think we all feel guilty sometimes. Great post. BTW, I've been wanting a DS too!!!!

  10. Powerful thoughts my dear! I need to step back and say thank you more often.

    Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration! MUAH

  11. I'm trying to remember each day what I'm grateful for.
    It's a way of keeping myself going.

  12. Love that particular book... one of my favorites!

    And yeah... I think there are a multitude of people guilty of this, including me.

    Am I thankful for all I have... you bet... do I often feel like I need more... yep...

    Thanks for the reminder that I have ample!!

  13. You are absolutely right!! It's easy to get caught up in stuff we want. I always try to be grateful for what I have--but I am certainly guilty of that too!

  14. It's not that I'm immune from complaining myself, but I have thought for soooo long that this is a great problem for our country. We have no idea just how good we have it, in almost every respect. I have had the opportunity more than once to personally see how truly impoverished some of the world is and it is high time we got on our knees and thanked God for what he has blessed us with. Boy I feel better already....

  15. I love that statement, and you know how I am feeling. I started reading Lucado's Come Thirsty, and it has really opened my eyes about the way I have been living lately. God is definitely getting my attention these days.

  16. Guilty as charged! I have a wonderful life, even my American standards, and I complain all the time! It's really something I'm seeking to curb, because it's certainly not honoring to the Lord.

  17. I am properly convicted. Thank you - I needed that :)

  18. This was such a lovely post! It's such an awesome reminder to really step back and be thankful for everything God has given us. He is so good in every situation--He deserves our thanks and praise when often we are only complaining. Thanks so much for sharing!

    PS-I completely agree with your comment on my blog! Ron and Mike look amazing (plus they're my favorites!). It's so funny that you bring up the no shirts in the beginning... I think about that every week. I think it's to make the first week more dramatic! Ha!

  19. Such a thoughtful and great post! It is true that our concerns and troubles pale in comparison to others in this world.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

  20. Um yeah. This is SOOOO true! I complain constantly. Sometimes though you just get hit between the eyes with the realization that we have more than so many others. Excellent reminder!


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