Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Can you handle the cuteness? Part One! Yes, Cuteness is divided into Parts!

OK... my hilarious friend Pooba challenged me to go ahead & put all 265 pictures up... Wouldnt you all just LOVE that?  I dont think you all could handle all the blue eyed cuteness... it may send some into spells of long periods of "AAHHH's" & I dont want anyone lacking oxygen for too long - so I'm going to pick some of my favorite pictures from the trip...

& if you are my friend on Facebook, then I know you've already been swamped with these already... but humor me - give me ANOTHER "AHHHH".... I mean, that's what Nanny's do right?  Brag on how cute grandbabies are... its in the rule book someone gave me....

We got there safely (THANK YOU JESUS) & we instantly see a smiley little boy... this is one of the first times I picked up Luke.. & look at the grin he gave... I think he likes me...(Do you see that tongue sticking out?)

And smiling is all he does!  Honestly - he's the happiest baby on the face of this earth!

But a little Blond hair BOY (not a baby anymore, it seems) was ready for some attention - so I got to play some hide & seek...

I got to give Luke the blanket I had been knitting... this blanket took forever too... but it was all worth it seeing him all snuggled in it...

I love watching Isaac's face when he sleeps... he looks just like an angel... even kinda grinning, isnt he?

Once we were all rested - it was time to hit the Beach... Look at these boys together...

And yes, Luke's eyes are a beautiful shade of blue too... look at these boys & the eyes of future heartbreakers!

Then it was time for Isaac & his Pappy to have some fun on the beach...

Ricky & Isaac were chasing waves & then running from them... can you see Isaac laughing?  He was CACKLING so loud... I want to bottle that sound!
Ready to get the next wave....

Luke was snuggled & slept through the whole adventure... (isnt Julie so beautiful?!)

Time to get in the car & head back... these boys were KNOCKED out!  (And a perfect time for Julie to take me to Starbucks & give me a taste of HEAVENLY FRAPPACHINOS!!!)

...& since its a good place - I'll save the rest of the pictures I want to post for tomorrow... I know you're all anxious to come back & see EVEN MORE... bring some popcorn & a drink tomorrow because it'll be another photo-fest...


  1. oh my goodness, how incredibly handsome & precious are those 2! I bet you guys had a wonderful time and I can't wait to see more.

  2. RJ,
    These babies are so beautiful!!! Oh my stars ~~ those eyes!!

    Looking forward to seeing more pics. Bring 'em on sista' =)

    Love you friend,

  3. oh my goodness those pics are adorable!! that first pic is SO cute, i can't get over it, and i love seeing the sweet sleeping little ones too, oh they're so sweet! :)

  4. seriously.. i think my ovaries just skipped a beat. TO. DIE. FOR. you are probably the luckiest lady ever!

  5. They are just so precious!! Love the beach pics so much!! =)

  6. I loved all of these photos! How wonderful!! I love the last one with the hubs sacked out in the back...ha! : )

  7. Oh my word, they are gorgeous! How could you not eat that baby right up?! Both of them!

    So glad you had such a wonderful visit...can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

  8. They are both so precious! This did not help my baby fever, lol!

  9. you are not kidding - that was cuteness squared!!! How did those boys both end up with such beautiful eyes??

  10. No, no I can't handle the cuteness!!!

    I can't believe how blue their eyes are! I love that first picture, you both are smiling so cute!!!!

  11. Oh my...Luke's got the biggest grin!


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