Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*I'm still so stressed from Grey's Anatomy finale last night... people being shot, blood spilling everywhere, lives trying to be saved, Bailey crying... that right there kills me.  Anytime Miranda Bailey is on that screen, its always a good scene... Did you watch it?  I think I didnt breath the whole two hours it was on!!!

*I saw Brett Michaels is back in the hospital.... I bet Donald Trump is freaking out!  I am so rooting for Brett to win Sunday in the Finale of Celebrity Apprentice... They need to delay the show anyways though!  I mean, really - you're going up against the finale of LOST!  Mr. Trump - do you think anyone is really going to choose you over LOST?

*Went & saw Wicked last Sunday... Its probably the most amazing Broadway Play I've ever seen... & I hold Beauty & the Beast on Broadway up there HIGH on that scale & I think that Wicked may even surprass it - definitely at least on par with it.... the story is so creative & SMART... Defying Gravity gave me chills - I cried at the end - I was laughing at witty little lines through the whole play.  If you EVER get the chance to see it, dont let the opportunity pass you by!

*Anyone ever read the book "Wicked"?  I tried years ago & thought it was HORRIBLE - ended up giving my book to my mom for her Wizard of Oz collection... but now, since I've seen the play, I think I gotta try & read it again....

*So I'm seriously debating going to Virginia Beach on Labor Day... there is a half marathon that I've been reading up on & then saw a blog buddy, Sarah Beth is thinking about doing this same race... It would definitely be an adventure for me to drive down to Virginia by myself ... but this looks like the best race... running with bands playing every mile - running along the BEACH... it would be a weekend I would always remember... I gotta decide by next week because prices of the entry into raise on Memorial Weekend... You only live once, right?

*I got a gift card to Target from my "doggies" for Mother's Day... I'm heading to the store right after work to buy the newest GLEE Soundtrack... "I Dreamed a Dream"... Idina Menzel....Oh my Broadway singing loving heart... I ended up watching that episode on Hulu at work (had to get in my LOST on Tuesday) & when they sang that song, I was just sitting with my jaw dropped on how awesome... Not to mention Neil Patrick Harris singing "Dream On" with Mr. Shue... yep, cant wait to get this CD so I can pop it in the car & tap into my loudest singing voice ever... You all know the car is where your loudest singing voice comes out at :)

*My computer had to be taken apart yesterday during work so I had a lot of free time on my hands... luckily, my wonderful iPod Touch linked me up to Facebook where I put on the Words with Friends page my game name & asked if anyone wanted to play a game... Within 10 minutes, I had 8 different games going... I literally sat with my iPod in my hand all day playing Scrabble with people from all over the US... for that reason & that reason along, I love technology...

*Sunday night, the world will not exist to me... it will only be LOST... I am so anxious to see how it all ends... I'm sure I wont understand it, but I'll still love it... that's the story of the show for me.  If its all a dream of a autistic boy with a snow globe, I'm gonna be mad... (I totally just dated myself with that St. Elsewhere shout out!)

Hope everyone had a fanstic Friday!  Happy Fragging!


  1. I loved this week's Glee! I bought the music on itunes and I think I've listened to Dream On about 50 times.

  2. I'd really love to see Wicked. My friend Cindy has seen it a bunch of times and gets totally geeked every time.

    You're on Facebook? I'm looking you up :) I'm on tehre as Clew Meister. No, not my real name ... just being consistent - LOL

    Happy weekend, friend!

  3. I'm soooo with you on Lost! I have butterflies in my stomach. I've even been dreaming about it - in one dream I was Jack, fighting the smoke monster. I had super cool powers, like being able to hold my breath underwater for hours, or turning myself into a bazillion sparrows. I totally didn't want to wake up from it.

  4. Confession: I have never seen even 5 minutes of either LOST or Grey's. It's true.

    I *did* however see Glee and I saw Wicked in London in 2008 :) AND I'm going to see it in SF in 3 weeks! So excited. Love it.

    While I generally don't give advice like this, I'm breaking my own rule. Don't waste your time reading Wicked again.
    I read it before I saw the show, and HATED IT. WANTED TO KILL IT DEAD. Which made me really sad, because I knew how popular the musical was and was afraid it would stink also. After falling in love with the musical, I re-read the book.

    And it still stunk. At least in my opinion, although I know there are people who really enjoy it.

  5. Oh no! I didn't know Bret was back in. :(

  6. I have been wanting to see Wicked for forever!! I wish it would show near me!

    I haven't watched Grey's in years...but I think I'm going to watch that episode online tonight. Everyone on my twitter stream was freaking out about it for two hours last night (but my husband was monopolizing the tv so I couldn't get in on the fun!)

  7. Okay, so you said St. Elsewhere and I'm thinking Elmos fire. How comfused was I just then? =) OH brother, I think I'm still confused. I have never even seen St. Elmo's Fire. Don't even know if I'm spelling that right. How did this comment become about that? Oh boy....


    I so think you sure to that run. How exciting!!! I wish I could do it with you. Would it be a marathon or half marathon for you?

    Love you girl ~~ I hope this comment made some modicom of sense =)


  8. I am so sad about Lost being over. Grey's had me on the sit of my pants the whole time. I cried and cried the whole time. It was so wild through the whole show.. It me sad and think a lot for sure..

    I hope Bret wins I was sad to hear what happen to him..

    Have a great day.. and weekend.

  9. I have not seen Grey's at all! I really want to go to the library and start from the beginning, I am so far behind...

  10. Never have seen Grays or Lost, call me a looser, but I have watched every episode of GLEE this season and we got the first season and I just LOVE IT! the best thing about watching this is both my husband and my 15 yr old daughter love it, too! yes we are GLEEKS!

  11. I've never gotten into Grey's Anatomy. I can't stand Elen Pompeo's lisp. No offense to any lisping people, she just bugged me.

    I totally agree that Wicked was amazing. I have read all of his books and liked them. You should give them another try.

  12. My all time favorite is Les Miserable! And then The Lion King, but I haven't seen Wicked or Beauty and the Beast!

    Lost lost me when they started looking like they didn't really know what they were doing! We were such diligent fans - and then they started having wacky periods of being on then not!Please be sure to write a VERY detailed review for me!

    Have a wonderfully relaxing joyful weekend!

  13. Words With Friends is one of the more addicting Apps!! I got a 92 point word once! The peak of my scrabble expierence in life easy! My user name is Maggie84 if you ever want to play a game!

  14. Grey's Anatomy. Check.
    Glee. Check.
    Wicked. Check.
    Target. Check.

    We like a lot of the same things. I think we could be friends!

  15. I've gotta go onto hulu and watch the finale...missed it on Thursday because of a soccer game.
    Sure wish I had the patience and skill to scrapbook!

  16. No, the book IS awful...don't put yourself through that again! I do hope to see the musical some day.


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