Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*Oh allergies... head cold... sinus infection... whatever you are... please go away.... I'm feeling REALLY bad this week.  Started with sore throats, ears hurting, headaches, totally congested in the head & now, my nose is like a faucet...blah!  How does that work too?  A nose running, but you cant breath through it?  Not fair.

*I started a new project last night I'm so excited about... they are YOGA socks!  I dont even DO yoga, but I love these... they just remind me of mini leg warmers or something...

*Did you all see Betty White on Saturday Night Live?  That woman has some good comedic timing... some of the stuff was a little raunchy - but I guess that's SNL for ya...

*Speaking of comedy... I'm excited about "Last Comic Standing" coming back... but I KNOW I'm going to be angry.  I've NEVER watched where the person I want to win, wins!!!  And I yell every year, "I'm never watching again"... so yeah, I'll be tuning in again. 

*Did you know that Heart worm medicine for dogs is like trying to buy some crack off the street?  Even if you keep up with giving your dogs the medicine monthly, you have to bring your dogs in for a heart worm test before you can buy any more medicine.  For us, with 4 dogs, & with the cost of the medicine - that comes up to about $1,000 for one years worth of medicine... You try to get the meds on line & you need a prescription from the vet as well... I feel like I need to go to some shady part of town & see if I can buy some... I think its sad they FORCE you to come in for testing.... sigh...we are headed to the vet on Monday...

*I've never been a big ice cream fan... when I was in Texas, Julie took us to Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop.  I wasnt going to get anything, but saw this flavor that screamed out to me... HALF BAKED yogurt... It has chocolate & Vanilla low fat yogurt with FUDGE BROWNIES & COOKIE DOUGH in it... & I mean HUNKS of those things mixed in... OH MY WORD... take me to Ben & Jerry's Heaven.  Its all I can think about 2 weeks later from our trip.  I have been to all our local grocery story stores & havent seen it for sale.  So I look up on Google Maps to see if a Ben & Jerry's ice cream shop is anywhere around... I did find one about 45 minutes away.... I'm getting desperate... I think I may have to travel out there....

*Have you been to my Book Blog lately?  I've had some good books I've read lately... plus, I'll be having some GIVEAWAYS on there soon... love books?  Then you'll want to keep an eye out over there...

*Last week on Grey's Anatomy, a lady came in the ER sick to her stomach & they said she was having a heart attack - that women have symptoms different then men.... the hypocondriac in me should have never seen that.  All week long, if I've been nauseated, I'm thinking, "Am I having a heart attack?" ... thanks Grey's for freaking me out!

*I'm expecting BIG things for GLEE next week... Neil Patrick Harris... the only three words I need to say

ok... I gotta go get more Kleenex... & rub my red eyes... & blow out my ears...

fun times



  1. You poor thing; I hope you feel better soon. I'm with you on the headache and ear aches this week...I'm pretty sure it's this crazy weather with all these storm fronts moving in.

    Didn't see SNL, but heard about it on the radio. I'm going to try to catch it on Hulu, after I watch this week's Glee and Lost...yup, I'm WAY behind.

    Yoga socks? Looks interesting, but I am SO not a yoga girl. Isabel would like them, though.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. I'm with you on the runny nose thing. I'm right there with ya'....pass the kleenex! : )

  3. Oh I hate allergies! :-) and those yoga socks are cool - I've never seen them before!

  4. Yeah, I tend to act like a hypochondriac (sp?) too...awhile back my jaw started hurting. I thought I was clenching my jaw in my sleep, then it got worse, so I thought, "I bet I have cancer in my jaw or mouth!" I just needed a root canal.

    Those yoga socks are way cool!

  5. SNL rocked!!!! LOVED LOVED LOVED it!!!
    Love the yoga socks!
    Hope you get to feeling better, girl!
    Love ya!

  6. I am an ice cream addict. If they sell it, I buy it. And I love things in my ice cream.

  7. Ahhhh! Yoga socks!! I am so into yoga now! Consider this my order :p

  8. RJ,
    Hey girl!!! I feel like we've been out of touch. What in the world? I don't think we've talked all week!!!!

    I'm sorry you've been sick. Sir Cuteness has the crud to. Icky-yucky crud.

    I need to jump back over to your book blog. I love all your reviews.

    And girl, I love the yoga socks. I like to do yoga, it's just REALLY hard. I'm hoping to get better at it. We will see.

    Okay so let's keep in touch shall we?? =)

    Love you girl,

  9. Feel better quick, girl!

    Haven't seen you around much lately.

  10. Oh yes the allergies are awful this year! Hope you feel better. I am going to have to check out your book blog; I did not notice this last week.
    Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  11. half baked is my favorite :) I buy the fro yo and I don't feel guilty. I'd mail you some if you could mail ice cream :)

  12. I can buy heartworm medicine in the supermarket here but my vet gives my dog a once a year injection for heartworm, so I don't have to worry about it.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  13. I just watched Glee for the first time this week. I stopped because I've read so much about it here.

    We have 3 dogs so I totally feel your pain in the heartworm med area. OUCH!

    Yummy ice cream. Hope to try it some day. I'm feeling a little baked today after being at the zoo and another kids park. Maybe I should try it tonight.

  14. Those yoga socks are way cool. As you know I no longer do yoga either but I may need to start up after seeing those socks!

  15. Fragments back at ya...
    -I like Last Comic Standing, too. My all time fav (if you're a long-time fan) were Dave Mordal and Rich sombody having a conversation in the tub!
    -yoga socks! Yes! They look like leg-warmers little sister!
    -Love some Neil Patrick Harris. It should be good!

  16. I'd wear those yoga socks. They're cute. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ice cream. If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be ice cream.

  17. Hey, I'm catching up after a long time. Is there a pattern for them or do they just have a split at the heel and no toe?

    Hope you're all healed now!

  18. I hope you've started to feel better by now. No fun!

    Those socks are too cute. I could TOTALLY see my mom making them (I still haven't finished one of the scarves I started forever and ever ago!)

    That's insane about the heartworm medicine! Jeeze Louise!

    Half. Baked. Ice. Cream. My FAVORITE!! I just bought a pint last week and ate the ENTIRE thing all by myself. I think there's the frozen yogurt at our stores too but I wanted Ice. Cream. lol

    I'm so behind on Grey's! Need to remedy that asap!

    GLEE! Love IT. =D


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