Thursday, May 20, 2010

Never Under Estimate....

I usually tape Biggest Loser & watch it later in the week... after all, Tuesday is Dancing with the Stars elimination AND Glee... could there BE a bigger night for TV?  ...(My life is sad, I know!)....

But Tuesday was MARATHON night on Biggest Loser & I couldnt pass it up.  Having run a HALF Marathon, I cant imagine doing that TWICE, which equals the full marathon they have to run.  It always brings me to tears when they start off full of hope & energy, when they get half way & feel like they are sinking, & when they cross that finish line... I'm usually a teary, snotty mess!

I love though that they have people along the way that push the contestants & inspire them.  This year, when Big Mike was getting to that hard place, not even half way through the race, you could see on him the struggle.  His shoulders were slumping a little, his head was down - he just looked like it was the roughest thing he had ever gone through (& physically, it probably was!)....

Then, out of the side jumped Teen Mike from last season....

I LOVED IT because Big Mike just started laughing & you could INSTANTLY see a difference in him.  He got a burst of energy, he was SMILING, he was revved up to go some more...

You could see a change in ALL the runners when someone would pop out - espeically when at the end, it was a family member with them to finish the race...

Having run just what I've run & even having STRANGERS pop out & cheer for you, I think we all need to be reminded how important our cheering is to others...

NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE what encouragement does.... it can make all the difference to someone... it can literally rev someone up & give them a fight to keep going in ways you may never the whole race of LIFE, we all need to encourage & BE encouraged...

Havent you had someone stand next to you in a time of crisis, in a time of struggle, in a time of joy & happiness?  Isn't it a wonderful feeling?  I know I'm thankful for every person that has ever pushed me with encouragement... I never take those people or words or prayers of encouragement for granted...

Keep running!  Life is hard.... Life is fun...we're not in this race alone! 

"But encourage one another daily, as long as it is called Today...." -Hebrews 3:13


  1. It's Gabe's last day of preschool, and I am a sappy mess, so of course your post made me cry...

    I try so hard to be that encouraging person, for my kids, for my friends, for my family. I don't always succeed, but it is my intention. This was a great post, Rebecca!

  2. Love that scripture. And I think we can't do it enough for others or even ourselves.

  3. RJ,
    Biggest Loser had me rooting and cheering and so happy for them!! I was texting my baby sis (who walked a marathon last year), it was so cool!!!

    Looking forward to the finale. Who do you want to win. I'm just not sure!!!!!

    Love you friend ~~ have a Super Day,

  4. I have this saved on Hulu to watch because I LOVE Biggest Loser but we don't have cable or satellite at our house~ After reading this, I want to stay home from work & watch it now! Thanks...hehe

  5. great post and so true!!! I loved watching last night for your same reasons!!! so inspiring!

  6. NO DVR... so I was flipping back and forth between BL and Glee... how I love marathon night! I am so proud of them all... it is like I KNOW them or something... and I can't get over how much they have gone through and how dedicated they are. When Daris was standing at the fridge eating... I just wanted to reach through the screen and make him stop!!!! Great post!

  7. Great message my friend! Love you!! :)

  8. I seriously have tears in my eyes thinking of him popping out - and I don't even watch the show!

  9. NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE what encouragement does.... it can make all the difference to someone... it can literally rev someone up & give them a fight to keep going in ways you may never know

    This is true for life! Don't we all need a "good job, keep it up!" every once in awhile?

  10. that is an amazing post for sure.. yeah to you.. I am so proud of the run you did..

    Have a great day..

  11. This was a truly beautiful post! Thank you!


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