Thursday, May 13, 2010


We had our girls small group Monday... (Love those girls)

I had asked them what their favorite hymn was & one of the girls was telling me what her favorite Psalm was... it was some verses in Psalm 7...

As I was glancing over it - I literally busted out laughing.  Everyone stopped & just looked at me but Holy Moley - this was some crazy stuff...

You see, I have a Parallel Bible that has the NIV on one side & the Message on the other... I love the Message version.... it puts things in a "real" kinda language - will read the NIV side sometimes & be like, HUH? but glance to the Message side & be like, "OH - that's it"...

Well, this verse... I'm not sure what the heck I think about it...

Look at that guy!
He had sex with sin,
he's pregnant with evil.
Oh look!  He's having the baby ...
(Psalm 7:14 - The Message)

And yes, Mr. Bean as a baby is what I envision a "Lie-Baby" to look like! haha!

I know there is deep meaning in that verse .... but sitting with a room of teenage girls, & my dramatic reading of the verse... we had a good laugh for about 10 minutes...

you never know WHAT you're going to find in the Bible!


  1. That picture seriously cracks me up!!!!!

  2. I laughed out loud at that pic, bahahaha!

  3. That's in the bible? Geez, I didn't know it could be so entertaining!

  4. I love that humor can be found all through the Bible and not always serious! :) That's hilarious!

  5. A lie baby!!! hehe :) Love it!! Just found you through the internet cafe devotions :)

  6. Yes, Mr. Bean is a great picture to illustrate the point :D

    You crack me up!re

  7. ooops - what did I do with the "re"--

    would delete the first comment but I always become suspicious when someone does that and I'm like "why did the author delete it - was it something rude??"

  8. The picture is hysterical! I'm pretty sure if you just would have posted that verse I would have NEVER guessed it came from ANY version of the Bible! Crazy!

  9. HAHAHA! How hilarious and that picture is great! It is good to laugh hard as much as possible!


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